Amazon's Echo Show 15 goes up for preorder, releasing December 9

  • 18-November-2021

  Today, Amazon is opening up preorders for its biggest Alexa-enabled smart display yet, the Echo Show 15. The $249.99 gadget has a 15.6-inch 1080p touchscreen that can be situated in portrait or landscape, and can either be mounted on a wall or placed on a countertop. Reported in late September, the Echo Show 15 is intended to go about as a communal hub for families and show valuable data like calendar appointments, reminders, and to-do lists. It shows these in long-lasting home screen gadgets, which are shown close by a more typical assortment of information features like past Echo Shows. Just as these communal features, the Echo Show 15 can likewise go about as an independent amusement gadget. Its Amazons first savvy show that upholds 1080p streams from any semblance of Netflix and Amazon Prime Video and can likewise go about as a photograph outline, has a 5-megapixel camera for video calls, and can show a feed from a viable surveillance camera or video doorbell in an image in-picture view. Theres no notice of YouTube support, in any case, so hope to start up the implicit internet browser assuming you need to get to it like with past Echo Show gadgets. The Echo Show 15 is due to ship on December ninth.

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