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Real Madrid’s Toni Kroos puts a surprising corner-kick shot in the net during Super Cup match versus Valencia

Real Madrid midfielder Toni Kroos scored a wonderful goal against Valencia on Wednesday in a Spain Super Cup semi-final matchup.

Kroos helped Real Madrid to the 3-1 triumph on account of a corner-kick goal that barely moved beyond Valencia goalkeeper Jaume Doménech in the 15th minute of the match.

Luka Modric and Isco would add two additional goals to seal the game. Isco scored in the 39th minute to make it 2-0 Real Madrid, and Modric scored in the 65th minute to make it 3-0.

“We were in complete control throughout the game, we came out to get hold of the ball, that’s what we did and our plan worked perfectly,” Real Madrid midfielder Casemiro told journalists after the match, as per ESPN.

Valencia’s Dani Parejo scored in injury time on a penalty. In any case, it was too late for Valencia.

Real Madrid moves to the Super Cup final. They will play the victor between Barcelona and Atletico Madrid in Sunday’s match.

All matches have been held in Saudi Arabia on account of a three-year, 120 million euro deal that has come to in November.

The Super Cup format, which would as a rule pit the victor of La Liga against the Copa del Rey champions, extended to four teams to incorporate the best clubs that didn’t win the title in either competition. Barcelona won the Super Cup a year ago.

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Healthy lifestyle tips shared by a breast cancer survivor, doctor

As indicated by CHI Health specialists, one of every 8 ladies will create breast cancer in their lifetime.

Someone recently talked with Tisa Hardin-Partridge, who’s a 7-year breast cancer survivor.

Hardin-Partridge says she wants ladies to concentrate on the best way to live healthy lifestyles after they’ve gone into reduction.

In spite of the fact that she lived a healthy lifestyle before her diagnosis, Hardin-Partridge says she’d always thought she’d end up with breast cancer.

“I just kind knew in my heart that that would happen to me,” she said.

Notwithstanding her healthy lifestyle, Hardin-Partridge built up the disease in 2012.

“I think my body was prepared for it,” she said. “I think my attitude was ready for it and I just knew it was some things I had to do.”

Treatments weren’t simple.

“There’s a lot of breakdown of muscles and bones, and of course you lost your hair and all that doing chemo treatments,” Hardin-Partridge said. “But that chemo treatment just kills a lot of cells and other things you really need going forward.”

Following her diagnosis, she developed a breast cancer support group, The Pink Lotus Project.

Their central goal is to give those holistic healing programs and services for individuals who have been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Hardin-Partridge reveals it was hard to change in accordance with her new after beating the disease.

“I know after treatment and after surgeries, you got a new normal so you kind of gotta gets your body back together,” she said. “Really try to figure out what works for you post-cancer.”

Presently, she focuses on the mind, body, and soul.

“A big catchphrase now is living my best life,” Hardin-Partridge said. “If you’re not healthy you can’t live any kind of life.”

She suggests lifestyle changes, for example, plant-based eating regimens and more exercise.

A message resounded by Dr. Hadi Zahra with CHI Health.

“It’s not just about surveillance to ensure that we’re finding cancer recurrences, or if we do that therapies are being started at a much earlier phase, but also ensuring the well-being of patients.Dr. Zahra said.

Dr. Zahra prescribes survivors limit alcohol intake, eat more fruits and vegetables as well as get at least 150 minutes of moderate activity every week.

Hardin-Partridge includes, one of the greatest life-saving factors was knowing her family history.

“Just starting a conversation about what’s in our families, what’s in our backgrounds,” she said. “You know we have family reunions we talk about everything but health [we need to] kinda start having a conversation about health and how we can be more healthy as a family.”

Dr. Zahra agrees.

“Genetics has also been quite important not just for dealing with existing cancer,” he said. “Also providing risk reduction strategies if someone is found to have a genetic mutation that does associate with a higher risk of breast cancer or other cancer types as well.”

The Pink Lotus Project is hosting its third annual Pink Pancake Feed Fundraiser.

The association will share holistic healing tips with other breast cancer survivors.


Proficient Knowledge Group acquires Blackbird News

Blackbird News

The G Studio, the world’s first personal branding studio exclusively designed to help people of all ages and from all walks of life, has acquired the Blackbird News today.

However, “The G Studio,” is renamed and from now the trade name of the brand will be Blackbird News. The brand will operate/function under “Proficient Knowledge Group.” Proficient Knowledge Group is a media organization with its operations worldwide.

The prime focus of the organization will be to cover news related to brands, personal brands, personal branding, marketing, fashion, lifestyle, influencers’ and every kind of trending news.

Brand Education, the world’s first and one-of-its-kind digital platform, is also the part of Proficient Knowledge Group.

Gaurav Gulati, founder The G studio said, “We are happy to acquire, we believe great platforms are uncomplicated meaningful ideas that people connect with immediately. Finally, we will be building a platform which is going to focus on brands and trending news exclusively.”

Now onwards the Proficient Knowledge Group’s “The G Studio” will be known with Blackbird News as its trade name while all the official transactions and operation shall happen in the name of Proficient Knowledge Group only.


Hay Fever: How to battle hay fever symptoms as Met Eireann warn that pollen count is set to soar

Asthma and hay fever sufferers could see their symptoms intensify this week, as the Met Office states that dust levels are especially high in parts of the nation.

Met Eireann have cautioned that pollen levels will achieve “high to very high” levels in certain parts of the country due to warm weather.

They also said: “”Nettle, dock and plantain will be airborne in significant amounts, with a high risk on warm, dry sunny days.”

Individuals living in Ulster and Leinster will be most influenced with moderate includes of pollen expected in Munster and Connacht.

In Leinster, there will be a moderate dust check today and high one on Thursday

In the interim, Ulster will have high counts today with medium levels on Thursday.

How to tackle your symptoms?

Hay fever symptoms are normally more regrettable among March and September because of warm climate, humidity and wind.

The symptoms are like a cold, however roughage fever can keep going for a considerable length of time or months. Side effects include:

Headaches and dizziness.


Itchy throat, mouth, nose and ears.

Loss of smell.


Sneezing and coughing.

A runny or blocked nose.

Irritated eyes.

Asthma sufferers for the most part have a tight feeling in their chest, shortness of breath, wheezing and coughing.

There is no cure for hay fever but there are ways to fight it.

Put Vaseline under your nose to trap pollen.

Hoover regularly and dust with a damp cloth.

Get a pollen filter for the air vents in your car and hoover.

Keep windows and doors shut.

Wear wrap around sunglasses to stop pollen getting into your eyes.

Shower and change your clothes after being outdoors.

Stay indoors when possible.


Cancer: New ray of hope in ovarian cancer patients

Scientists have built up a two-step combination therapy ‘one-two punch’ to destroy cancer cells.

The study published in the journal Nature Communications demonstrated the unrivaled effectiveness of the ‘one-two punch’ on cells of ovarian cancer patients, in view of the manipulation of the state of cellular aging.

“In the case of epithelial ovarian cancer (EOC)–the most common and lethal ovarian cancer–we act in two stages. First, we force the cancer cells to age prematurely i.e., we force them into senescence. This is the first therapeutic punch. We throw our second punch using senolysis, destroying and eliminating them. This strategy requires excellent coordination of the two steps,” explained Francis Rodier, a researcher at the Universite de Montreal.

The team of specialists, driven by Rodier and his partner Anne-Marie Mes-Masson, found that EOC cells enter senescence following chemotherapy in combination with PARP inhibitors. PARPs are chemicals that help fix harm to DNA. By blocking PARPs, PARP inhibitors keep cancer cells from fixing their DNA, prevent them from multiplying and cause them to age prematurely.

“Thanks to our ‘one-two punch’ approach, we have managed to destroy senescent EOC cells in preclinical ovarian cancer models. Our approach could improve the effectiveness of chemotherapy in combination with PARP inhibitors and counteract the systematic resistance that develops with this treatment,” said Mes-Masson, another researcher at the Universite de Montreal.

“Our ‘one-two punch strategy’ was also tested on preclinical ovarian and breast cancer models, which allowed us to validate its effectiveness,” commented Mes-Masson.

Although the results of this study will be used to propose clinical trials for ovarian and triple-negative breast cancer, Rodier said that it is important to remember that they used preclinical models in which there was no immune system. “Given the importance of the immune response in humans, we need to continue evaluating our strategy in a context closer to biological reality.


UK Tech Entrepreneurs Plan to Launch the World’s Most Expensive Homepage

Two tech entrepreneurs from the UK are embarking on a record-breaking attempt to shake-up the current advertising industry, by creating the world’s most expensive homepage (website).

Currently, some businesses are spending up to $1 million dollars (£785,000) on short-term advertising solutions. Google Ads can cost up to $50 (approx £40) per click. This may be protocol for traditionally incumbent companies, but big advertising costs makes it hard for new and emerging companies to break into an industry.

Fabian Niavarany and Charlie McGowan, both 23 and graduates from Cardiff University, have launched Businesses or individuals from across the globe can purchase a square of advertising space on the page from a choice of 10,000 units or ‘squares’ which have a collective value of $3 million.

The objective of this approach is to offer start-ups and companies with smaller-scale advertising budgets, an opportunity to be part of a growing online business that will showcase their advertisement and drive traffic to their website and services.

Co-founder, Fabian Niavarany, said:

“We feel that the advertising industry has become stale and with it being so fast-paced, wanted to offer a permanent slice of something very new. Currently, if you pay for a single google advert, very soon it’s gone. Or, if you pay an influencer to put up an Instagram post, it will be forgotten in a day. The aim was to design a business model that is unique and timeless and to create a piece of digital history”.

The homepage squares are split over five zones and range in value, starting at $100. It’s an opportunity to link a cross-section of services and industries that want to adopt a modernistic approach to advertising. Investors will be able to furnish their squares with an image and embedded links to their websites or social media accounts.

Co-founder Charlie McGowan said:

“This is a unique advertising opportunity. There is limited space on the page and we will not be adding to the original number of squares. We expect the lowest priced squares to sell out very quickly. However, to increase the longevity of this business opportunity, we will be opening a secondary market similar in concept to what Seeders have done. It will act as a trading platform for our squares. This phase will allow individuals and business to trade their squares for profit. So, watch this space.”

On completion of the purchase, investors will have secured their space indefinitely and will not have to pay any additional costs. The advert space can be altered for different campaign requirements, meaning investors can continue to use the space time after time.

Fabian Niavarany and Charlie McGowan

Fabian adds:

“With advertising costing so much in today’s world and with an insecure economic climate, we wanted to build something that was more open and accessible to everyone. Our advertisement option is also permanent and caters for all budgets. It doesn’t leave out the smaller players”.

The intention is to attract a diverse portfolio of influential businesses, brands, and individuals, including social media influencers, musicians, sports figures and artists. The two entrepreneurs decided to trade in dollars as it’s universally the most traded currency and the objective is to sell worldwide.

Together, Fabian and Charlie have created this concept in-house on a small budget with no external investments. It aims to offer a fresh, new perspective on advertising models and provide an opportunity to invest in a viral sensation. launches on Tuesday, 21st May 2019.