Dr. Mohammad Kermani : Keto diet

Based on Dr.Mohammad Kermani, the recently developed Keto diet is not new, and it dates back to 1920, when a physician designed it to treat a patient with epilepsy by raising the ratio of fats and avoiding carbohydrates. The body's cells hold ener ...

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  • 13-July-2022

Dr. Ines Mordente emerges as the most sought after dermatologist owing to her field expertise.

Her medical center 'Medicinae' is known for its effective acne treatments. Women have taken over various fields, having achieved massive success wherever they have set their foot. The medical field has also been taken over ...

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  • 19-June-2022

Seven hours of sleep is great for being healthy, uncover study

A decent night's sleep is basic for a healthy body and mind and there is no rejecting that. Notwithstanding, the duration of sleep additionally holds importance. As indicated by a new study, seven hours of sleep every night is the ideal duration for ...

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  • 31-May-2022

Hamid Nematiyan, President of the Nature Sports Association, said about public sports and its benefits

Exercise is not just about the ability to do aerobic exercise and muscle size. Sure, exercise can improve your physical health, adjust your waistline, improve your sex life, and even extend your lifespan by several years. But for most people, this i ...

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  • 30-May-2022

Any individual who works on a laptop ought to do these 4 wrist versatility exercises

  On the off chance that you work at a laptop, these muscles, joints, and nerves permit you to do the entirety of the typing and looking over that gets your paycheck. Sadly, all that critical use of these body parts makes them a potential ...

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  • 26-May-2022

Dr. Mozhgan Dahmardnezhad beauty doctor

Dr. Mozhgan Dahmardnezhadreceived his degree from Arak National University in 1991 and worked for 3 years in a reputable clinic in Iran, and now he has been working in the field of beauty for 6 years and is a beauty doctor.       S ...

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  • 17-May-2022

Treatment of neurological disorders by Dr. Soheila Saami Aldoboni

  Dr. Soheila Saami Aldoboni, an elite Iranian consultant neurosurgeon who has successfully completed more than 800 brain surgeries. Some neurological diseases are cured with proper and timely treatment and the necessary rehabilitation, and th ...

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  • 29-April-2022

The effect of art therapy according to Parsa Peykar

Art therapy helps people express themselves, discover their feelings, break their obsessions and habits, and improve their self-esteem. Art therapy is beneficial for children with disabilities and is suitable and adequate for almost everyone.&nbs ...

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  • 28-February-2022

What is carpal tunnel syndrome, and what are its symptoms? According to Dr. Iman Kamali Hakim

carpal tunnel syndrome

A relatively common syndrome in women, in which the median nerve gets stuck in its natural path, which is the tunnel in front of the wrist.

The median nerve is responsible for innervating the palm muscle ...

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  • 18-February-2022

Be familiar with the newest facial skin rejuvenation Remarks of Dr. Mehran Ehsanian, Iranian successful and famous doctor

There are indeed different habits and methods to prevent skin-aging to use.

That does not mean you can underestimate the clinical method or postpone using it to the time when it is too late!

Nowadays the best and newest method ...

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  • 05-February-2022