Characteristics of the entrepreneur according to Mehdi Moslehi

  • 07-March-2022


Most people consider entrepreneurship as a concept opposite to employees, and this thinking is due to an important feature in entrepreneurs. The spirit of independence is what drives these people to start a personal business. Entrepreneurs prefer to work for themselves and manage their resources.


One of the first components that most top entrepreneurs have is accountability. Undoubtedly, starting and managing a large business requires accepting full responsibility for decisions and actions on a larger scale.

Balanced risk-taking

Do not confuse risk-taking with ill-considered, ignorant and rude actions. Risk-taking can be the ability to identify opportunities and threats in a particular situation or situation and make decisions that take full advantage of opportunities and see the least harm from threats. Successful entrepreneurs do not take risks without sufficient planning and knowledge, however, people who have taken the risk of starting a new business are prepared to face all the challenges facing their business.

high self-confidence

If we look at the biographies of the world's successful entrepreneurs, we will see that most of them have experienced failure once or even many times. What keeps these people on track after each failure is the confidence and belief they have in themselves. Top entrepreneurs believe that they will eventually succeed.

positive attitude

There are challenges and problems in every person's life. But what distinguishes the major difference between entrepreneurs and other people is the positive attitude they have towards the challenges.

 effort and Perseverance

In the ups and downs of entrepreneurship, what brings people closer to success is effort and perseverance beyond the ordinary. The biographies of successful entrepreneurs with long working hours and hard work are proof of this.

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