"Elham Salari" The successful entrepreneur and investor talked about how to invest

  • 12-November-2021

What does investment mean? First of all, people need to be familiar with the concept of investing. In a general definition, investment is to bring money and cash capital into the market and buy the products of that market to make a profit and increase the value of the initial capital. But this definition is very general and just quoting it can not convey the true meaning of investing to the audience.   One of the most important principles in how to invest is the growth rate of capital. For example, if you buy a product that will bring you 20% profit after two years, you will have a growth rate lower than bank interest. Although your capital has increased in Rials, in reality you have been the loser of this investment.   Investing is hard or easy Experience plays a very important and vital role in investing in any market. Investing in the market you are entering can be both difficult and very easy.   In fact, if you are not familiar with how to invest in a principled way and have entered the market without hesitation, other people in that market will certainly have more experience than you, and this will make things difficult for you. Now consider this situation in a situation where you have entered it with the necessary training and in a principled way. Certainly excellent results and ease of investment will be the answer to the above question.   What are the ways to invest? In this section, we intend to review the most important investment markets in Iran. By examining the advantages and disadvantages of each, you can proceed to enter them.   1- Investing in the stock market The most profitable market in Iran in the last 20 years has been the stock market. This market consists of shares of reputable and large Iranian companies in which prices go up and down according to the amount of supply and demand among market participants.   The most modern market in Iran is the stock market, which you can invest in at home with a computer system and internet line by entering this market with the least worries and without any prerequisites.   Stock market benefits Possibility to enter the market with investments of much less than 500 thousand Tomans No need to go and buy stocks online Very high returns in the same amount of time compared to other markets Diversity in investment in different sectors of the industry Making a profit both by holding shares in different companies and by price fluctuations Very high market liquidity Financial exchanges in less than a few minutes Production boom in factories and companies that are members of the stock market Disadvantages of the stock market Limiting to certain hours during the day Moderate risk in investing The impact of political, economic and global news in this highly powerful market   Which market do people invest in the most? Why? The category of people to choose how to invest depends on several factors. The main criterion for choosing one of the capital markets is the amount of budget available for investment. However, in recent years, the percentage of people entering the stock market has increased much more than other markets due to the benefits we have offered for it.   The gold and coin market is the second best selected by the Iranian people, and after that, entering other markets is a priority. The reasons for this choice are also quite clear. All people are trying to make the most of the money in the shortest time and with the least amount of risk. Considering the summary of these three parameters and comparing the markets in these parameters, the first answer that comes to the mind of every audience is the stock market.   Criteria for choosing an investment method? How do we know which investment method is best for us? Certainly the best market for anyone is the one that brings them the most profit. But there are criteria for choosing the right market that will limit you in choosing them.   For example, to enter the housing market, you will need a very large initial capital. Now, if you are very interested in this market and the increase in prices in it, you will not have a way into it without such capital. The following parameters are among the important factors in choosing a capital market for each individual:   The amount of assets available for investment The degree to which the individual takes risks No need for available capital in the short term Knowledge of markets By analyzing these parameters and your personality and life situation, you can choose the best market for investment. Apart from these parameters, which are also important, there is another criterion that will take precedence over all of them.

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