ICNA'S Efforts To Spread the Teachings of Quran

  • 19-November-2020

ICNA is continuously strengthening its network amongst North America's Muslim community by collaborating with various other associations to work in an integrated manner.Over the past few years, it has been unrelentingly improvising its community welfare services. ICNA has become a very impactful association that seems like an oasis in a desert for the Muslim community living in North America.  In the previous decade, ICNA has expanded its services all over the US while maintaining a strong presence in local communities. ICNA also gets an overwhelming response from the local community members, which further motivates the association to continue the great work.

ICNA's Tarbiyah Department

The meaning that the Noble Quran carries is incomparable and cannot be found in any other book in the world. In addition to the depth of meaning that the verses of the Quran have, it is also distinguished from any of the world's writings in general and Arabic, in particular by its sublime language. The Holy Quran is the book in which Allah Almighty has blessed us with a complete code of life. The Quran covers every aspect of life that an individual needs to know about.The Quran is the best of all education in this world, and its acquisition is compulsory for every Muslim. Being Muslim, we believe that learning the Holy Quran is animmediate and highly significant learning solution to our lives' problems and problems. And to cater to this essential need, ICNA's Tarbiyah department is providing its best services.

The Department of Tarbiyah offers necessary knowledge of the Qur'an, Sunnah, and Fiqh, Arabic, Islamic history, the Islamic movement, and similar subjects to ICNA membership. It seeks to prepare the members of ICNA to live Islam by word and action and motivates them to develop their intellectual and spiritual abilities.The department aims to develop people who demonstrate a high moral character, a sound understanding of Islamic values, a deep knowledge of Islam, and a willingness to serve their communities. The department creates a study syllabus to do this, which it provides to members regularly.

Their Tarbiyah Department hosts weekly NeighborNets and Tarbiyah training and skill development camps at the local and regional level. For workshops and presentations, it also prepares audio and visual materials. It guides local units in the formulation of regular programs. Via its 300 NeighborNets, ICNA's numerous branches hold weekly or monthly events. There are also many online classes and hundreds of workshops and seminars. In the Bay Area, Atlanta, Houston, Chicago, South Florida, New York, New Jersey, Dallas, Detroit, Orlando, and Los Angeles, successful leadership retreats are also organized.

The constant efforts and unique approach to every problem have made ICNA stronger over the years. The motivation of all the people working in this association is aligned and very high. The people's support and ability to serve no matter what the situation makes it an extremely great association. The Muslim community needs more organizations like ICNA to develop a better and peaceful environment for the Muslims.

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