Koei Tecmo Announces Dynasty Warriors Series Steam

  • 25-November-2019

Dynasty Warriors is an action game which was release in 1997. The creators of this game are Koei Tecmo and Omega Force. This video game has received a lot of positive feedback. More than 18 million copies of the game were sold in 2011. The Dynasty Warriors Series include a total of 9 series. The total number of characters in the series are 96.

Koei Tecmo is all set to announce the new addition in the Dynasty Warriors series. The 9th trial is going to be a free version that is available for Windows PC via Steam ad PlayStation 4. It is also going to be availableof Xbox one by November 21. This version was released on 21 Feb 2018

Fans will be able to choose from the plethora of 96 characters their favorite three characters. They’d be able to set off a story mode and explore the cities of China. They’d be able to explore the historic adventures of China and have a great experience playing the thrilling action. This new game of the series also comes with amazing features which give the players a lot of room to make their own decisions. They’d be able to choose the costumes of their characters, additional weapons and scenarios.

Recently Koei has announced a surprising sale for the game enthusiasts on the Dynasty Warriors series. This sale is restricted to the users of PC game versions. The series on the sale include Dynasty Warrios 7: Xtreme Legends Definitive Edition. Players have the ability to take charge of the kingdom. They’d have to make strategic and tactful decisions to move the game forward. The previous game of the series did not receive a very good response. There was a lot of room for improvement.

Koie Tecmo has paid special attention to the game play and pronunciations of the names. He has given a chance to the game enthusiasts to take advantage of the big discounts. DW8 series comes with a massive discount of 75 percent. If you are a game enthusiast who wants to add a couple of new games in his collection, this is the right time. You should avail the amazing discount on the DW series. This will allow you to complete your collection of amazing video games. Gamers can create new paths instead of working on the established kingdom in the DW8 series. Modern players love this idea of video games. They love to have a great amount of control on every feature of the game. This is an interesting feature which lets them create their own land. They are also able to create characters of their own choice.

If some of the DW series are missing in your collection, now is a good time to buy them. Since the launch of DW9, Koei is ensuring to make the DW series quite accessible for all the game lovers around the worl. He is announcing big sales and discounts on the series. This has made it possible for the series to gain exposure and popularity. Players are enjoying the customized versions of added in the series.

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