New and Original Design Fashion Brand UNICOOLAR, Jewelry Necklaces are Popular All Over the Internet!

  • 15-September-2022

  Our mission is to make every ordinary person can find his own fashion.BE UNIQUE, BE COOL. In recent years, the street culture that emerged from the European and American circles is no longer a sub-trend, but has become a fashion object sought after by different groups around the world. Young people like to integrate street elements into their daily wear, and reflect their unique personality with their trendy styles. Hip-hop jewelry is growing in popularity, and many trendy brands are competing to appear, becoming the cultural symbol leading the fashion and deeply loved by Gen Z. In the hot brand market, what does UNICOOLAR rely on to stand out? In the circle of fashion brand, after decades of development and precipitation, many brands have become the "hot sellers" of major channels and platforms. How to quickly enter the market, form their own unique style positioning and become "the New King of Popularity" in the fashion brand industry is the challenge that UNICOOLAR needs to face when it first enters the market. This emerging brand founded in Hong Kong, led by the world-renowned buyer TC and senior fashion artist Edie, draws inspiration from American street art, such as New York hip-hop culture, California surf culture, and fusion of hip-hop, skateboarding, basketball, DJ and other elements, UNICOOLAR is positioned as a pioneering brand of street aesthetics that integrates trendy jewelry and clothing accessories. It is committed to gathering international trends, integrating local pop culture elements in various countries, and facing the global Gen Z, bringing classic remodeling and popular fashion. Jewelry fashion brand UNICOOLAR, emerging in the world's top fashion circles UNICOOLAR takes ‘Be Unique, Be Cool’as the core value of the brand, and adheres to the brand spirit of ingenuity, concentration and breakthrough. Through the integration of high-end manufacturing technology and individual trend culture in the works, with leaping aesthetic creativity and keen trendy design, it has repeatedly become the vane of global fashion trends. In a short period of time, UNICOOLAR has created ‘screaming’ works that are hotly discussed and sought by many celebrities, KOLs and a large number of young users around the world. Representative works such as hip-hop jewelry series, beast custom series, INS style series, etc. UNICOOLAR continues to expand the brand consumption scene and social scene, and has successively appeared in French fashion magazines, shows and Italian fashion media, planting another banner for opening up the global market. It has formed a huge network gathering place on major global social medias such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Tiktok, and will be invited to many global flagship fashion brand buyer stores such as Boutique, Kingz store, Homeless Store Piacenza, Freeride Ferrara. UNICOOLAR advocates high-quality, comfortable, unique and original product expression forms, constantly explores ideas with an innovative attitude, explores and provides multi-scene content full of experimental fun, and creates a light luxury, personality, and full-scene trend style experience. It is favored by many celebrities, KOLs and trendy users around the world, including popular American rappers, OG singers, leading German hip-hop singers... and many representatives of different trend circles such as hip-hop, skateboarding, etc., are senior users of UNICOOLAR's high-end customized services. Know the trend of the Z era and let ordinary people have their own fashion UNICOOLAR's brand culture is imprinted with distinctive characteristics, insisting on resonating with the fashionable youth at the same frequency, helping them express themselves, and painting a bloody totem with a strong personality. In addition to personalized hip-hop, punk-style Cuban chains, diamond-filled luxury watches and other product series, at the same time, in order to meet the diverse needs of Generation Z, UNICOOLAR has specially customized a collection of diverse themes and elements of creative life, advocating integrating trend art into the individual life of the public, and is committed to allowing every ordinary person to find their own fashion, and to create light fashion jewelry and accessories that everyone can imagine. Only a brand that is always bright and dynamic can truly become the main vortex in the fashion wave. UNICOOLAR dreams that one day, creativity and fashion will no longer be just a label for some groups, but a synonym for every ordinary person. Art is integrated into life, making a unique custom hip-hop jewelry brand UNICOOLAR's works are not only the pursuit of commercial aesthetics, but also integrate various thinking and exploration of social life by artists and creative people. This kind of commercial art with altruism as the core not only connects life, sublimates trend art, but also perfectly portrays the UNICOOLAR brand spirit: integrate trend art into individual life, and strive to portray and build users' passion for fashion and identity. In the future, UNICOOLAR will continue to explore ideas with an innovative attitude, explore and provide diverse content full of experimental fun, and create a light luxury, personalized, full-scene light trend brand experience. Follow UNICOOLAR, pursue a kind of spontaneity and freedom, and do not advocate a lifestyle that is deliberately different for the sake of individuality. With UNICOOLAR, keep your true self and passionate attitude towards life. Unique and cool.        

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