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No Propaganda, Straight Up Facts- Emerging News Publication Times Of New York’s Mantra

No Propaganda, Straight Up Facts- Emerging News Publication Times Of New York’s Mantra

Fake news is cheap to produce. Facts and genuine journalism are expensive, well said by Former President of Estonia Toomas Hendrik. There’s a high probability that he was hinting towards an emerging and on-the-rise online news portal named Times of New York.

Times of New York is an online news media portal that has appeared on the bigger picture recently. It was started almost two years ago with the primary objective of its founders being – No Propaganda, Straight Up Facts. It will not be inappropriate to say that the quantum of fake news and agenda-driven reporting has made all of us sick. To heal us from this information overload distress was the idea behind this digital news website

It is evident from the world-class journalism it has shown in the past 2 years that the founders have met the primary objective well above expectations. More than a hundred thousand viewers connected with the publication in the first six months of its inception. Within no time, the Times of New York turned into a global news website.

ToNY reports on all major world affairs across all the industries. This included business, politics, technology, Hollywood, sports, and fashion & lifestyle which makes its way in the ‘entertainment’ category periodically.

The primary idea behind Times of New York was picked up and received with great enthusiasm and excitement by the readers because deep down everyone was tired of not being able to process too much conflicting information from various sources. Times of New York made the job easy. It emphasized the need to make things less vague and more simple. This has been the sole reason for its initial boom and sustained success.

The news publication is specifically well-known and revered among one special segment of the readers and that is ‘the corporates’. Times of New York ensures that it provides regular stock analysis stories and information technology news articles coupled with the service industry updates to these readers which makes them stay connected to the website.

Helen Thomas once stated that ‘we don’t go into journalism to be popular. It is our job to seek the truth and put constant pressure on our leaders until we get answers.’ Nothing could be closer to the truth than Helen’s statement and Times of New York has got the right ability and means to seek the truth which it imparts to the readers.

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