Pokémon Go changes Gym, Pokéstop distances after fan uproar

Pokémon Go changes Gym, Pokéstop distances after fan uproar

Pokémon Go engineers Niantic recently decided to dial back the social distancing prerequisites in the game for players in the USA and New Zealand, and it didn’t go down well with fans.

While Niantic’s thinking was that “hey in these two countries the pandemic is mostly over, right?”, fans were very right to bring up that the pandemic is assuredly not finished, and that forcing players to gather all the more intently around Gyms and Pokéstops was a shitty, reckless thing to do. The hashtag #BoycottNiantic was made for clients to voice their disappointment.

The volume of dangers prodded the designers into action, and accordingly, recently Niantic moved to set up a “task force”.

While that “task force” stays to share its “full findings”, they have effectively rolled out one improvement, reporting on Twitter recently that having moved the Pokéstop and Gym range from 80m to 40m, they’re presently returning it to 80m for everybody.

It’s very positive news, particularly given the setting of what’s occurred in the weeks since the distance was initially changed. Take New Zealand, for instance: picked as one of just two nations to see the distance changes, given the country’s magnificent Covid history, somewhat recently it has seen its biggest episode since the pandemic started, causing cross country lockdowns and making any play troublesome, not to mention get-togethers at 40m.

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