Pokemon GO: How to Get Glaceon

  • 18-May-2019

The end of the Detective Pikachu event in Pokemon GO introduced an energizing new update for the popular mobile game that at last allows fans to include the Glaceon and Leafeon Eeveelutions to their collection. Glaceon specifically has been very foreseen by the Pokemon GO community, and luckily, getting one isn’t too difficult of a task.

The initial step to getting Glaceon in Pokemon GO is to buy a Glacial Lure Module from the shop. At the present time, the Glacial Lure Module costs 200 coins, so players will either need to purchase coins with genuine cash or have their Pokemon shield rec centers to develop enough money. Players can get a limit of 50 coins for every day defending gyms, so the longest it should take to get a Glacial Lure Module is four days.

Once Pokemon GO players have a Glacial Lure Module, the subsequent stage is finding a PokeStop that doesn't presently have any Lure Modules joined to it. Basically add the Glacial Lure Module to the PokeStop as if it were some other Lure Module, and after that water-and ice-type Pokemon ought to be pulled in to the region.

While remaining inside turning separation of the PokeStop, players need to go into their Pokemon gathering and select an Eevee. Expecting they have in any event 25 Eevee treat and are inside turning separation of the PokeStop, they should now have the choice to develop Eevee into Glaceon.

As one may envision, getting Leafeon in Pokemon GO is taken care of in generally a similar way, aside from with the Mossy Lure Module rather than the Glacial Lure Module. The Mossy Lure Module costs 200 coins as well, and so it will require the same money or time investment for anyone looking to add all of the Eeveelutions to their collection.

With the addition of Glaceon and Leafeon to Pokemon GO, only one more Eeveelution remains, and that’s the Gen 6 Pokemon Sylveon. However, since Niantic isn’t even done adding Gen 4 Pokemon to Pokemon GO, it could be quite some time before we see Sylveon added to the game.

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