Samsung's Galaxy S11 purportedly has a 108-megapixel camera and 5x telephoto

  • 06-December-2019

Early renders of Samsung's Galaxy S11 proposed that the phone would have a huge camera bump, and now we have a superior thought of what that bump may contain. As indicated by a new report from Bloomberg, Samsung's flagship phone for 2020 will utilize a 108-megapixel sensor for its fundamental camera alongside independent ultrawide and 5x telephoto lenses. The phone is additionally said to incorporate a period of-flight sensor, similar to the current year's Galaxy Note 10 Plus.

Samsung is allegedly further intending to utilize the 108-megapixel and 5x optical zoom cameras in its second foldable phone alluded to by Bloomberg as the "Galaxy Fold clamshell device" and said to be set for uncovering around February. It's unclear whether this phone will utilize the flip phone like idea design the organization flaunted at its developer conference for two or three months.

Samsung's 108-megapixel sensor is a known quantity — Xiaomi's futuristic Mi Mix Alpha will utilize a similar component, and it's now accessible on the Mi Note 10. In any case, Samsung is making a major bet on its technology here by placing it into its highest-profile phone range, which has utilized similar size 12-megapixel sensors as far back as 2016's Galaxy S7. Megapixels aren't all that matters, obviously, however, it seems like the Galaxy S11's camera will, at any rate, be the most not the same as its predecessor in a long time.

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