Star Wars Battlefront II

Star Wars Battlefront II

Being a gamer, your joinery with Star Wars hero’s begin right here. Embarking on endless Star Wars journey video game is there to amuse you at its best. It is indeed one of the all-time favorite franchises.

Description: The game will provide you an opportunity to experience a multiplayer game having battleground across all the three eras i.e. classic, prequel, and new trilogy. Or you may rise as one of the new heroes and discover a single-player story; which is an emotional one spanning almost 30 years.

Gamers will have the control to customize as well as upgrade their heroes, troopers, or star fighters each having unique ability to enjoy exploiting in the battle field. It is up to you if you take control of the speeders or tank or you will be riding the tauntauns. You have the feature of Force to prove your worth against all the iconic characters such as Darth Maul, KyloRen, or Han Solo. This is all because you will be playing a part of the gaming experience that has been inspiration from 40 years of timeless Star Wars movies.

Key features:Key features of Star Wars Battlefront II are:

A new hero and an untold story: Have yourself jumping into the shoes of a soldier from an elite force. He is lethal on the ground as well as in space equally. With this game, you will be exploring a new Star Wars campaign spanning 30 years between the Star Wars; Return of the Jedi and the Force-Awkens.

Ultimate battlegrounds:The game is a multiplayer universe which has an incomparable variety. Here up to 40 players will be fighting like heroes and authentic to era troopers. There is an array of vehicles on land and similarly in the air when battle rages through the galaxies.

Space combat:The game has been equipped with a space combat that has been redesigned from the ground with distinct handling, customization options, and weapons. Join in your squadron in asteroid fields, and blast through an Imperial dock yard and much more.

Master your hero:The game will allow you to create your own hero with customized characters progression. Modify your characters power with modifiers to add to the lethal effects, tactical assistance, and helpful status boosts to counter any of the opponents in the battlefield.

Why the game should be played every day?Journey of your hero continues, with services that evolve and grow. You may play just the way you want to with new seasons bringing fresh downloadable content, which is available to all the players. The game features new characters, locations, and quests taking part in a connected universe.

September 25 witnessed the shooter game from the Electronic Arts packed with exciting enhancements specifically with the arrival of Clone Commando soldiers. Since the original one that was launched in 2004, there have been several upgrades and none of these have failed to impress the gamers. Another one is to be released next month and everyone is waiting for it indeed.

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