Success Of The New Top Talent House Ran By Nour Khodr

Social Media influencer content houses are nothing new, but the Top Talent House is a new content house created in August of 2020. Nour Khodr and his company Top Talent took four of the brightest stars on Tik Tok, Anna Shumate, Eva Cudmore, Katie Pego, and Rachel Brockman, and brought them out to Los Angeles to start a powerhouse influencer house. 

Nour was successfully able to bring his vision of helping other content creators to life. Through fostering a community like environment among Top Talent influencers and the members of the Top Talent House, Nour was able to bring a lot of new attention to the members of the Top Talent House. 

The account garnered millions of views on their first few videos and was trending on TikTok. But as seen in the past content creator houses such as the Hype House and Sway House come with their fair share of drama. 

One member of the house, Rachel Brockman, left the house claiming she left due to the bad environment fostered by Nour and Top Talent, but in reality it was her own family’s decision to come home and all the influencers and staff who worked closely with Nour have denied these accusations. Nour and Top Talent will continue to stick to their plan of providing content creators a platform to collaborate with other content creators and a way to increase their following and influence on TikTok.

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