The NuraTrue Pro is the first wireless headphones to help aptX Lossless streaming

  • 30-June-2022

  The new Bluetooth streaming codec that vows to stream CD-quality audio with next to no loss of audio detail, aptX Lossless, is coming to its first pair of headphones. The NuraTrue Pro true wireless headphones are crafted by Australian audio organization Nura and are presently being supported on Kickstarter with early bird costs beginning at $199 and a regular retail cost of $329. "These are the first earbuds to be announced with Snapdragon Sound and aptX Lossless. We’re excited to say that there will be many more Snapdragon Sound powered devices with support for aptX Lossless launching soon," Qualcomm representative Lauren Miller said in a statement. Snapdragon Sound is the name of Qualcomm's overall audio platform, of which aptX Lossless is one feature (however, urgently, not all Snapdragon Sound gadgets support aptX Lossless). That's what the catch is, right now, you won't find source gadgets that help the new audio codec since "there are no devices currently shipping with this feature," as per Qualcomm representative Sarah McMurray. As well as a gadget that supports aptX Lossless, your music will likewise should be CD quality or higher to get the greatest advantage — incredible for Apple Music subscribers, less so for Spotify clients waiting for HiFi. Qualcomm declared aptX Lossless last year, promising that it'll have the option to stream CD-quality, 16-cycle/44.1kHz audio over Bluetooth. This isn't to imply that there's no compression being applied at all, however Qualcomm publicizes that this pressure is lossless, so the audio your earphones get ought to be "mathematically bit-for-bit exact, with no loss of the audio file," as indicated by Qualcomm's James Chapman. aptX Lossless can reach up to a bitrate of 1Mbps, contrasted with 990kbps for its closest competitor, LDAC. Notwithstanding their support of aptX Lossless, the NuraTrue Pro support active noise cancellation, spatial audio, multipoint connectivity to permit them to be associated with numerous source gadgets immediately, and the capacity to utilize either mini headphone independently. They can be charged wirelessly and propose to eight hours of playback from the actual buds or as long as 32 hours when matched with the charging case. Nura's sound personalization feature, which it appeared on its original pair of over-ear earphones, returns for the NuraTrue Pro. Nura expects that the NuraTrue Pro should enter mass production in August and to transport to benefactors in "early Q4 2022."

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