Tiny Harris says She misses her Daughter Heiress, While On a Birthday Vacation With T.I.

Tiny Harris says She misses her Daughter Heiress, While On a Birthday Vacation With T.I.

T.I. and Tameka ‘Tiny’ Harris, has ensured that all their followers on social media will come to know, what a blast they are having on their holiday. It’s Tiny’s Birthday and T.I. has taken his love across Barcelona, Ibiza and more locations in honor of her birthday, but Tiny has expressed that she is homesick and she’s missing her babies, specifically her littlest, Heiress. “She was a whole lifesaver!! My sun,” Tiny captioned a July 22 Instagram post showing Heiress with, as Tiny put it, “one of my God babies Sa’Rai. …Missing all my Tooties sweetness.”

Little Heiress has had sung a “Happy Birthday” song to her mom, it’s no wonder that Tiny started misses her baby so much. “Just to add to this amazing birthday I had. My Heiress sung Happy birthday to me & my favorite babyboy @majorpharris spent it with me too!! What a birthday,” Tiny captioned a video of her daughter serenading the family.

While Tiny is enjoying her holiday, after experiencing this luxurious vacation for her 44th birthday, perhaps she might consider a semi-retirement? “Most people will only see the money. But it’s really the thought, time and effort that makes this sh*t DOPE,” he captioned a video of him presenting Tiny with a gigantic bouquet of flowers. From there, Tip just went ahead filled his Instagram feed with videos of him and Tiny touring around Spain. Their itinerary included beautiful bike trips in Barcelona, and romantic cruises near Ibiza, Tip spared no expense when it came to making Tiny feel oh so special. And that not all flowers, Rick James-themed karaoke sessions, surprise diamond necklaces. Tiny certainly must have felt really special on her birthday.

Finally, “Because We all deserve sunsets on speedboats in Ibiza blasting Anita Baker with Baby… So grind til u get it & Accept no substitute…” T.I. captioned a post on July 18 while sharing a photo of him, Tiny and friend riding in that speedboat at sunset. That’s good advice from a man who has been at the hustle for a while. But according to Tiny – all of her and T.I.’s kids should have been there to truly make it paradise.

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