Trap Bible: The new Album by indie rap artist Nomad Mr. Murk City

Trap Bible: The new Album by indie rap artist Nomad Mr. Murk City

On August 28, 2020, when the Covid 19 pandemic was at its peak, Nomad Mr. Murk City showered us all with great songs when he independently released his first album titled “Trap Bible”.

Nomad Mr. Murk City is an American rap recording artist from Sumter, South Carolina (SC), USA. Sumter is one of the most violent cities in the country, which got it the nick name ‘Merk City’ or ‘Murk City’. He grew up in poverty amidst the ever growing violence. Rapping with homies was one of his ways to adapt to this environment. It helped him kill time as well as vent and channel his anger creatively. During such freestyle battles, Nomad’s peers and others would always comment that he was nice with the flow.

“Trap Bible” is an acronym for ‘Take Risks And Prosper, Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth.’ He typically raps about his life in the hood, where despite having very little, they had one another. The songs and music are about struggle; overcoming struggles in life, coming out of it, and finally coming up and succeeding in life.

The album features two singles “Keep Pushin” and “Make It Home” feat. Moviee215. Nomad released the videos for these singles in January and March 2020, respectively. Trap Bible has been mixed and mastered by David Knocks, a Grammy nominated engineer. Other featuring artists in the album include Reezie Roc and Lucho from SC. The music has been produced by Litboy Legendary, Supamariobeatz, Hood Hozay, TNTXD, and International Wigg.

The album is available worldwide on every major platform.

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