Uncommon cave salamander stayed in the same spot for 7 years

Uncommon cave salamander stayed in the same spot for 7 years

An uncommon type of cave-dwelling salamander known as the olm can live a very long life, typically in Europe, yet now scientists say that one salamander didn’t budge for 2,569 days.

“They are hanging around, doing almost nothing,” lead scientist Gergely Balázs told The New Scientist.

Balázs and his associates at Eötvös Loránd University in Hungary came across the amphibian inside a cave in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Olms can go a very long time without eating, they don’t will, in general, appreciate socializing and different creatures don’t prey on them, as indicated by The Independent.

The small, sedentary olms will in general move, as indicated by the investigation, just when they have to discover a mate – which just happens roughly once every 12 years or so throughout their 100-year life span.

The scientists published their discoveries in the Journal of Zoology on Jan. 28.

David Hammond

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