Wholesale Voice Termination: My Country Mobile is the primary choice

  • 12-November-2019

Dubai, UAE

My Country Mobile General Trading (MCM) knows that it can be stimulating to find the right termination provider that keeps a separate termination network for customers only. MCM offers high-quality wholesale termination for dialing at very competitive prices. Their ability to deliver consistent results at low prices for this unique termination environment.

MCM understands that operating in the dialing/call center industry can be a challenge due to requirements associated with call campaigns and predictive dialing. Many distributors impose limitations regarding the average duration of the call (DAC), the average seizure rate (ASR), and calls per minute (CPM). Their network termination network optimized for markers with high volume traffic.

The MCM is continuously operating on new ideas and thoughts that improve interaction and maintain the ease of use you expect.

Confidence, clarity, and authenticity

In MCM, they want to be honest with clients. They provide the position of the company, a dedicated internal support team, and publish the rates directly on the website so that everyone can see them. You can easily predict the cost of each call before your consumers make it.

Provides Privacy and safety features

MCM takes the privacy and safety of our clients seriously. Our expansion team has years of knowledge in building and managing existing e-commerce pages and networks and has employed security measures to ensure the integrity of our consumers' data.

Why choose MCM?

  • MCM model allows you to produce the highest quality at the most economical possible prices. They do not need agreements or volume promises, and you can start in seconds, not minutes.
  • Get profits from low prices due to our large volume and buying power as a VoIP wholesaler.
  • Get access to the most potent quality VoIP carriers around the world by joining an account with MCM.
  • Accept special assistance from our bilingual account managers.
  • Get access to excellent tools online to see rates, CDR, and status information from your online account.
  • Choose your favored blend of quality and price with our three levels of service: Platinum, Gold, and Silver.
  • Plan your marketing decisions seven days in advance in our rates; the rates launched weekly.

Please visit My mobile country website for more information. www.mycountrymobile.com

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