Youmna Khoury Talks About Why She Started Youmi Online Shop

  • 28-January-2021

Youmna Khoury is not just an energetic and young businesswoman from Lebanon yet in addition one of the youngest entrepreneurs in the Middle East. At present she lives in Dubai with her family and maintains an effective business. Youmna isn't somebody who was brought into the world already spoiled out of her mind. She needed to make a solid effort to arrive at where she is currently. Her persistent effort and diligence have transformed her into an incredibly fruitful finance manager. There is no uncertainty about the way that Youmna is the genuine portrayal of an autonomous lady. She has never avoided thinking ambitiously and that played impeccably into her hands. Aside from simply thinking ambitiously, she likewise buckled down towards transforming those fantasies into the real world.

Youmna started her professional life by opening a salon for men and women in Lebanon. While working in the salon, she realized the significance of fake lashes, hair extensions and contact lenses. She understood that no look is complete without these fashion accessories. This is because these accessories are important to pull an entire look together. Therefore, Youmna started her own online brand called Youmi Online Shop where she sells luxury lashes, hair extensions, and beautiful contact lenses. Youmna started her online store because she wanted to make people feel beautiful and better about themselves.

Her products are of the best quality as she believes that it is important to look good from head to toe. Therefore you need to look impeccable from your hair and makeup to your clothes because all these elements joined together make up the perfect outfit. Youmna has gained an immense number of followers due to her online shop. The high quality of her products cause the clients to continue coming back to her. Thus, she has happy clients and fas all over the world.

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