Measles Alert: LAX travelers warned about feasible measles exposure again

Travelers who went through LAX were again warned of measles exposure after an affirmed case was reported on April 3.

The infected traveler was around LAX Arrival Gate 70A, Terminal 7, between 10:00 a.m. what's more, 12:30 p.m., and in t ...

  • US News
  • 20-April-2019

Google Made Doodle to Celebrate Very First Image of Black Hole Revealed

Following the announcement and release of the first photograph of a black hole Google responded rapidly and made a doodle to honor the earth shattering science news on Wednesday. By the evening a whole animated doodle was added to the search engin ...

  • US News
  • 11-April-2019

It's mid-April and 4 million individuals are under snowstorm high alerts

Nothing says spring like hurricane-force winds, snow and tempests.

Also, that is exactly what mid-April is bringing to a million of individuals in the West and Midwest, with in excess of 40 million Americans under wind-related warni ...

  • US News
  • 10-April-2019

Few of the biggest April Fools' pranks of all time

April Fools' Day ain't what it used to be.

Companies will think of gags. Everyone will have a good laugh, but nobody will be fooled.

Goodness, for the days when April Fools' Day fabrications and pranks could cause line ...

  • US News
  • 01-April-2019

Southwest Airlines: Southwest 737 Max Builds Emergency Landing in Orlando

The Federal Aviation Administration says a Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 Max jet made a protected emergency landing Tuesday in Orlando, Florida, after experiencing an apparent engine problem.

Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 Max made a ...

  • US News
  • 27-March-2019