China Debuts the SuperView-3 Commercial Satellite for Remote Sensing

With the launch of the SuperView-3 (01) satellite early on Monday, China carried out the next phase of building a commercial constellation of remote sensing satellites.

  • science
  • 18-April-2024

SpaceX Launches Satellite for U.S. Military Weather Monitoring

A U.S. Space Force weather monitoring satellite was launched on April 11 by a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket. At 7:25 a.m. Pacific Time, the vehicle took off from the Vandenberg Space Force Base in California.

  • science
  • 12-April-2024

Perseverance Reveals Mars' Watery History

The Resilience of NASA The latest rock core sample taken on March 11 by the Mars rover underwent extended exposure to water in the planet's distant past, potentially as a part of an ancient Martian shoreline, according to newly conducted analysis of the sample. A sample of the Martian atmosphere, regolith, and several rock cores comprised the rover's twenty-fourth sample, which allowed for this discovery.

  • science
  • 04-April-2024

NASA's Mini Moon Rovers Take a Test Drive Before 2025 Private Lunar Launch

NASA conducted a test drive of the small autonomous rovers that will soon travel to the moon and map the lunar surface collectively. The rovers are a component of the Cooperative Autonomous Distributed Robotic Exploration (CADRE) technology demonstration, which aims to demonstrate how a collection of robotic spacecraft can cooperate without direct human supervision. In order to replicate the rough terrain they will encounter on the moon, NASA took the suitcase-sized rovers for a test drive across Mars Yard at the organization's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL).

  • science
  • 01-April-2024

NASA's Orion Capsule Undergoes Testing for Crewed Mission Return to Earth

Recently, the Orion spacecraft that was part of the Artemis I mission in 2022 made a second round trip when it returned to Ohio for testing. The spacecraft had previously gone around the Moon and back.

  • science
  • 06-March-2024

Astronomers have Discovered New Moons in Uranus and Neptune

The finding of three hitherto unidentified moons of Neptune and Uranus demonstrates that the ice giants, like Jupiter and Saturn, have families of distant moons made from the shattering of larger, caught objects. There must be more moons out there; however, to see them, a space probe would need to be sent.

  • science
  • 29-February-2024

China Declares the Identity of the Spacecraft's Lunar Landing Crew

Dream Ship The aspirational plans of China's space agency, which are swiftly taking shape, involve bringing humans to the lunar surface.

  • science
  • 27-February-2024

NASA's Intervention Saves the Odysseus Mission, and the US Celebrates its Successful Lunar Landing

After its successful landing on the moon, the Odysseus spacecraft will go down in history! It took the quick thinking of ground engineers and a critical intervention from a NASA payload for NASA's private lander to accomplish the historic lunar landing on Thursday, which was the first such feat by an American craft in more than 50 years. The commercial company Intuitive Machines (IM), which created the Nova-C lander, has also been positioned as the first private venture to successfully land on the moon as a result of this success.

  • science
  • 22-February-2024

NASA Is Seeking Crew Members to Spend a Year in a Mars Simulation

In an effort to replicate what it would be like to live on the Red Planet, NASA is looking for volunteers for its second simulated Mars mission, which will run for one year.

  • science
  • 18-February-2024

Starlink Mission Launched By SpaceX From Vandenberg Space Force Base

SpaceX launched its Falcon 9 rocket from the West Coast this week after several weather-related postponements. On Friday, February 9, at 4:34 p.m. PST (7:34 p.m. EST, 0034 UTC), the rocket supporting the Starlink 7–13 mission took off.

  • science
  • 10-February-2024