Treatment of sweating with Botox injection by Dr. Mohammad Pakdel:

Botox is a drug that is mostly used to treat wrinkles. In 2004, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the use of Botox to treat severe underarm sweating.

  • Health
  • 07-December-2022

The Future of Photos Is Dead: Here's What's Next

The man who was the pioneer of how to send photos on mobiles has revealed by 2050, we will be sending real-time videos and holding conversations while messaging at the same time.

  • Health
  • 17-November-2022

Equality in Oncology: How One Doctor Has Made It His Mission To Encourage More Women in The Workplace

The field of oncology has long been known to have a gender imbalance, with only a small proportion of women to men.

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  • 17-November-2022

The 5 things that instantly lower your energy level

If you've been feeling tired, it's time to reconsider your lifestyle. Here are five things that instantly deplete your energy.

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  • 09-November-2022

The six signs of aging of the brain

Our brain, like all other parts of our bodies, ages as we get older. Our brain begins to shrink in our 30s, and the process accelerates further at 60. As our brain volume shrinks, so do our cognitive abilities, and we may experience difficulties with memory, attention, and multitasking. An expert discusses signs that our brains are ageing.

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  • 05-November-2022

The Omicron subvariant may cause a fresh wave, according to Soumya Swaminathan, chief scientist at the WHO

Swaminathan stated that BA.5 and BA.1 derivatives, which are more contagious and immune-evasive, are also being monitored by WHO. She said that as the virus develops, it would become more contagious.

  • Health
  • 20-October-2022

Covid uptick prompts China to order 1 million people to stay home

Beginning Monday, nearly 1 million residents of Zhongyuan district were ordered to remain at home.

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  • 16-October-2022

Dr. Mohammad Kermani : Keto diet

Based on Dr.Mohammad Kermani, the recently developed Keto diet is not new, and it dates back to 1920, when a physician designed it to treat a patient with epilepsy by raising the ratio of fats and avoiding carbohydrates. The body's cells hold ener ...

  • Health
  • 13-July-2022

Dr. Ines Mordente emerges as the most sought after dermatologist owing to her field expertise.

Her medical center 'Medicinae' is known for its effective acne treatments. Women have taken over various fields, having achieved massive success wherever they have set their foot. The medical field has also been taken over ...

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  • 19-June-2022

Seven hours of sleep is great for being healthy, uncover study

A decent night's sleep is basic for a healthy body and mind and there is no rejecting that. Notwithstanding, the duration of sleep additionally holds importance. As indicated by a new study, seven hours of sleep every night is the ideal duration for ...

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  • 31-May-2022