CFCMAS announces continued commitment to charitable mutuals and plans to expand its activities to India

  • 12-March-2023

 London, February 28, 2023 - Community Finance 1 Plc today announced that the company is continuing its commitment to charity support and plans to expand its activities to India.

A charitable mutual company based in London, UK, Community Finance 1 Plc was established on December 3, 2010 with investment from APEX TRUST CORPORATE LIMITED and ALNERY INCORPORATIONS NO. 1 LIMITED. The company is registered under number 07459591 and has a registered capital of £10 million. The company's mission is to help those in need through people helping each other, and to provide an efficient and convenient charity platform for all those who love charity.

 CFCMAS Charity Mutual Aid Platform is dedicated to helping those in need through the CFC platform. As a charity, CFCMAS aims to achieve its mission through the power of community and the concept of mutual help, not only as a place to help those in need, but also as a community where people can support and help each other.

The CFCMAS platform has a special operating model where all funds between the helper and the recipient do not flow through the CFCMAS charity community. Instead, CFCMAS encourages users to provide financial assistance directly to the recipient through bank accounts, online payments, etc. This ensures that each payment reaches the person in need directly, and ensures transparency and fairness.

On the CFCMAS platform, each time a user helps someone, they need to purchase a C Coin, which is a virtual currency that they can use to help others. Of course, the funds received from these C Coin purchases are not our profits, but are used to support charitable causes. When the community generates a profit, CFC will hold charity events to help even more people. This model of operation ensures that CFC can continue to provide support and assistance to those in need.

In addition to the basic operating model, the CFCMAS platform has a number of other features. For example, CFC provides a very convenient way for users to track the progress of the people they are helping. This transparency helps users to better understand where their money is going and the impact of their help. We also work with a number of charities and volunteer organisations to maximise our charitable initiatives.

Overall, the CFCMAS charity support platform aims to achieve the mission of public charity through the power of community and the concept of mutual support. Our operating model ensures that every help goes directly to the people in need, while guaranteeing transparency and fairness. We believe that through our platform, we can provide help and support to more people, allowing more people to share our love and generosity.

Martin, CEO of Community Finance 1 Plc, said: "We are very excited to be expanding our philanthropy and bringing it to India. India is a very promising market and we believe our philanthropic platform can help even more people, especially those who need the most help."

To expand the company's philanthropy, Community Finance 1 Plc has planned several charity events in Uttar Pradesh, India. These events will cover areas such as health, education and infrastructure and aim to provide better living conditions and opportunities for local residents.

"We will be working closely with local communities and government agencies to ensure that our philanthropic activities can make the most of their impact." Martin added.

Community Finance 1 Plc believes that it is only through people helping each other that a better society can be built. The company's expansion plans will not only help more people in need, but will also lead to more opportunities and hope.


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