Dario Bonanno classy business man thanks to secret “Blue Ocean” e-commerce

  • 31-January-2023

Dario Bonanno, originally from Turin and currently living in Lisbon, a young man who owns a huge business which he started in 2016.

After taking a degree in economics and business management, he created an e-commerce site, i.e. an online site for the sale and purchase of products, where he sold watches and torches.

But the peculiarity of this business? Definitely the payment method, i.e. payment on delivery.

This method allows customers to pay for the goods not in advance but rather upon arrival at their destination.

A fast, comfortable and absolutely safe method. Why waste time entering credit card details when you can sit comfortably and pay later.

Sure because no buyer has to live with the anxiety of who can or cannot see their current account data.

Dario understood all these expectations and immediately knew how to enter this not very large market in Europe.

In fact it managed to expand into Italy, Spain, Romania, Poland, Portugal, Hungary, Croatia, Greece.

When you start a business, you also need to know how to manage it and this young man was able to quickly prove it by overcoming all the obstacles initially encountered.

To date he has become even stronger in character and self-confident, which is the right spirit of a good trader.

Dario's goal is the continuous expansion and the reaching of all pro payment on delivery markets.

Given his great success, he is also willing to offer advice to anyone interested in starting a business in this market.



Instagram: https://instagram.com/dariobonannoecom

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