Explanations on playing in the language of Hadi Borhan, a prominent Iranian singer, composer and musician

Explanations on playing in the language of Hadi Borhan, a prominent Iranian singer, composer and musician

Who is a musician and what is playing?

A musician or musician is a person who has the ability to make or perform music or sing. A musician may perform one or more of the following: playing, arranging, singing, and composing.


A musician is someone who plays a musical instrument

But keep in mind that this is very important:

Duties of a musician


Learn and practice new pieces

Adjust equipment and musical instruments before performing

Live performance in front of an audience

Contact the program manager and find a new project (if the musician works independently)

Skills and abilities required for playing music

Talent and artistic taste in music

Great interest in the art of music


Confidence and discipline

Motivation and will

Ability to endure long working hours and continuous training

Ability to work as a team – to collaborate with other members of a music team

The right way to play and practice music:

One of the mistakes that some students and musicians make is that they suddenly stop practicing and move on to something else! Or, for example, they go to a music school and leave the instrument for a few days after class. You need to have a specific schedule and specify the beginning and end of your workout. In the end, you should not finish your training by performing technical and fast parts. Let the calmness in your hands show itself, then by performing a gentle piece

 Finish your workout.

Do not limit yourself to the middle part of the instrument or parts of the instrument that you have more control over. Use all your expander. Quite the opposite, the parts of the instrument that are often less used give more beauty to your accompaniment with music.

– You need to know the step or steps (probably if there is a modulation) of your desired piece of music and be able to play it well. Because knowing the step makes it easier for the person to perform the reciprocating movements that are necessary to accompany.

 – Do not keep the dynamics of your accompaniment constant and always perform the accompaniment with different feelings and in accordance with the piece.

– Do not use uniform articulation. Many beginners always do either legato or staccato, which adds to the monotony of your work. Use all possible methods to change the tone of the playing and the expression of the melody.

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