Fitbit Announces Discontinuation of Web Dashboard, Upsetting Users

  • 17-June-2024

Fitbit recently announced that the web dashboard will be retired in July. Customers are informed that they must utilize the Fitbit app in place of other methods in a forum post. However, a number of users draw attention to the app's numerous missing features and tasks that are simpler to complete via a browser.

Fitbit has said that it would be discontinuing the dashboard. Prior to the app, there was a dashboard that could be accessed through a web browser. It let users monitor several health and activity data like heart rate, number of steps taken, and amount of time spent sleeping. But the dashboard won't be available after July 8th.

The transition is being described by Fitbit as "consolidating the dashboard into the Fitbit app." Additionally, the business states that "the Fitbit app will always have access to all of your information and logging for activities, nutrition, sleep, and weight." When they learned of the news, though, a number of individuals expressed their annoyance on Reddit and the forum. A few useful dashboard-only features, such meal creation and exercise name customization, are mentioned by customers. Besides, the activity-based Calories Left Estimate and Lifetime Achievement statistics are not available in the app, and a lot of customers prefer to submit data through their web browser.

The company suggests that it is retiring the dashboard to make the Google Fitbit experience better overall with improved features for better insights. The move will not surprise all users, with many experiencing problems accessing the dashboard earlier this year. In April, the company revealed a redesign of the sleep section of the Fitbit app, which also sparked from customers using wearables like the Versa 4.

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