Highlights about Rohit Bag’s life – A youngest musicians from city

Highlights about Rohit Bag’s life – A youngest musicians from city

How strange is it to hear that an entrepreneur is now a musician. Yes, I am talking about 22 years old Rohit Bag who lives in Kolkata and he is an entrepreneur as well as a musician. Rohit was born on 18 July 1999 in Kanpur. After that his family shifted to Kolkata, West Bengal. Rohit hails from a middle class family where his father lt .Tarapara Bagh is a pharmaceutical chemist and his mother is a housewife.

Like his father, Rohit was very fond of music. His father used to recite old songs to Rohit in his childhood and used to entertain Rohit’s heart. This childhood hobby became his skill and Rohit decided at a very young age. Grow up to become a music artist. Rohit has been learning music since class 4 and has taught music for 7 years.

This year Rohit has released his new 4 songs, which is named Jerry Tune, Jupiter, Cyclotron, Shades and these four songs have got a lot of love from the audience as soon as they arrive. Rohit is trying that he keeps releasing new songs like this in the coming year as well.

If we talk about Rohit’s life, then his life has been very difficult. After his father passed away, the responsibilities of the whole house fell on Rohit. Then Rohit has taken the responsibility of himself and his house. He used to take tuition to small children from which he completed his studies. It is because of that hard work of Rohit that today he has been able to make such a big name and has achieved such a big position in his life.

Rohit follows a very simple and discipline life. He believe that no matter how big we become in life, we should never forget our simplicity . We all should always stick to our roots. Rohit has fixed a time limit for all his work. He completes all his work by being disciplined and in time. Rohit believes that if any person wants to achieve something big in life, then he has to start his preparation from childhood.

Apart from this, if we talk hot, then Rohit is very fond of traveling, take them to a new place and love to know about the place. He is also very fond of books , he loves to read books and is very fond of photography. Today Rohit Bagh is quite famous in whole India. Today everyone knows Rohit Bag . Not just entrepreneur, they know today by the name of Musician.

Johny Duran

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