New York City Opens The Largest Grand Seiko Flagship In The World

  • 15-February-2024

The world's largest Grand Seiko store, spanning over 6,200 square feet, the new split-level showroom promises a unique experience for watch collectors and enthusiasts.

To encapsulate Japanese aesthetics and culture, Grand Seiko has chosen an exquisite minimalist interior design.

The use of kumiko, a traditional Japanese woodworking style, in conjunction with bright white surfaces creates a soft, airy feel to expansive, open spaces.

When selling its watches through official channels outside of Japan began in 2010, Grand Seiko decided to concentrate its foreign expansion efforts primarily in the United States.

According to Seiko Watch Corporation president Akio Naito, "the United States has accelerated Grand Seiko's growth outside of Japan, and this new boutique opens a new chapter for the brand's further development."

"I'm sure that more people and watch enthusiasts from all over the world will be able to experience Grand Seiko's distinctively Japanese worldview and its never-ending quest for perfection because of its excellent location."

Grand Seiko's vast collection of timepieces, which includes its Spring Drive, mechanical, and quartz models, will be available for exploration by guests at the new flagship.

Customers can meet with Grand Seiko experts in a private room that houses the brand's most prestigious watches from its Masterpiece Collection in addition to perusing the watch cabinets.

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