Predicting the Future: IBM and NASA Collaborate on AI for Weather

  • 30-November-2023

Artificial intelligence is becoming more and more commonplace, with applications in many different industries. AI is being used by numerous businesses to improve the overall effectiveness and quality of their goods and services. Although there are good things about this trend, there are also some worries.

There may have been predictions that "AI will take over your job." As NASA and IBM work together on an AI model intended to monitor the Earth's climate around-the-clock, meteorologists have recently become one of the groups of people who might experience unemployment. These are the particulars.

NASA-IBM AI Collaboration for Climate Monitoring

A joint AI model focused on weather and climate observation is being developed by IBM and NASA. When compared to current meteorological applications, this technology is predicted to bring about revolutionary changes. Even though AI is already being used in this field, according to IBM's description, the current models are task-specific and operate as basic emulators, similar to technologies like ChatGPT.

But the goals of IBM and NASA go beyond precise forecasts. Their joint endeavor endeavors to develop an artificial intelligence system that perpetually monitors the Earth's climate and meteorological conditions. Forecasting occurrences ranging from aircraft turbulence to forest fires, as well as predicting meteorological events and extracting high-resolution information from low-resolution data, are anticipated features of this AI model.

Both organizations are working toward improving the precision of weather forecasts and reducing the likelihood of natural disasters. For example, this technology could forecast summertime forest fires brought on by excessive heat, which are common in our country and other parts of the world. Even though reaching 100% accuracy might be difficult, the AI model is anticipated to be very helpful in putting preventative measures in place.

The extent to which this technology—which uses information from IBM technologies and NASA satellites—will be incorporated into our daily lives is still unknown.

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