Why is Purpprxmi the latest trending artist?

Why is Purpprxmi the latest trending artist?

After Purpprxmi and videographer Levi Desantis perfectly crafted their collaboration “Intimate” on the upcoming artists Fighting Demons album, the duo has released an official music video.

While this track exudes the ideal combination of rap and punk music, the forest-themed video is the perfect compliment. Purpprxmi sings about a woman he feels he’s known his whole life, appearing alongside Levi Desantis to perform their hit collab.

The video offers a spunky narrative of him selling his soul while still delivering the impactful musical performance his fans crave.

Pasadena, California-based young rapper’s music enjoys over 1,000,000 streams on Spotify. Just at the mere age of 16, Purpprxmi is gaining popularity as a Gen Z entrepreneur and rapper.

Recently, he came with a new EP titled “Fighting Demons” in the same year, 2020, and it has amassed many streams on different music streaming platforms.

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