YouTube Music is testing a new Material You home screen widget on Android 12

YouTube Music is testing a new Material You home screen widget on Android 12

Google uncovered its updated design language earlier this year, called Material You, with a more noteworthy accentuation on color than the current iteration of Material Design. It likewise focuses on customizable color palettes, permitting you to change the look and feel of viable applications. Google has been gradually updating every one of its applications to utilize Material You in front of the full Android 12 release, including Gmail and Google Calendar, and YouTube Music is in line for an upgrade.

YouTube Music right now has a single widget on Android, which shows album art, media controls, and like/dislike buttons. Google is currently testing an updated design for that widget (H/T GooglePixels on Telegram), which has a series of circles rather than a straightforward row of buttons. In the new YouTube Music widget, the album art is shown in the middle, with a like button and a play button along the edge.

The updated widget design comes after Google has been updating a considerable lot of its different applications to coordinate with Material You. The organization redesigned most of its productivity apps with Material You last week, including Gmail, Calendar, Meet, Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Slides. Clock and Calculator were updated with the release of Beta 5. In the interim, Google is additionally testing the new design with Translate, Lens, and the Messages applications.

The Material You upgrades we’ve seen so far have added support for dynamic colors, bigger FABs, Google Sans text, and pill-shaped features of the bottom tabs, yet none of these progressions have made their way to the main YouTube Music application at this time. In any case, the presence of an updated widget design hints to additional to come, so we’ll keep our eyes out for an upgrade of the main UI.

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