A Makeup Artist Transformed Himself Into Daenerys Targaryen of Game of Thrones ‘, and the Outcomes Are Astonishing

A Makeup Artist Transformed Himself Into Daenerys Targaryen of Game of Thrones ‘, and the Outcomes Are Astonishing

With Game of Thrones invading pretty much every part of our lives (Makeup! Oreos!), it should come as little astonishment that the characters from the HBO mega-series are probably the most broadly cosplayed in the historical backdrop of everything. For every one of the getups we never asked for — taking a gander at you, Sexy Jon Snow costume — there’s excellence inspo gold, similar to the Mother of Dragons’ iconic platinum mane.

Los Angeles-based makeup artist and YouTuber Ryan Potter is known for his inconceivable beauty transformations, and his ongoing one influenced us to complete a double take. With the help of his boyfriend, colorist and beautician Elijah Anderson, Potter transformed into Daenerys Targaryen — complete with interlaced platinum wig.

“In celebration of the new season today @elijahlahair helped me transform a $40 wig from amazon into somethin fit for a queeeeen,” he wrote in an Instagram post of Anderson meshing the long strands into sensitive plaits deserving of Khaleesi. A couple of turns of a curling iron later, and voilà, Potter was prepared to rule the Seven Kingdoms (or if nothing else looked like it).

The character depicted by actor Emilia Clarke is known for her alabaster appearance (I surmise they have sunscreen in Westeros), yet Potter uncovered that key products utilized in getting her glitz incorporated Tarte’s new Foundcealer, Fenty Beauty’s Diamond Bomb highlighter, and Bite Beauty’s Multistick in Mochi.

To make an officially exceptional look even better, Anderson joined joined on the enjoyment by taking on the appearance of Daenerys’ on-off lover (and, uh, nephew), Jon Snow. “This wasn’t meant to be a couples look but..he kinda looks like him so…” Potter wrote in another post of the pair’s selfie.

With only two episodes of the series left, we can’t think of a better way to celebrate than going all out and dressing up as your favorite character for a final viewing party.

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