A multi-talented go-getter who juggles between many successful careers – meet wonder woman Aurélie-Jung Moron

A multi-talented go-getter who juggles between many successful careers – meet wonder woman Aurélie-Jung Moron

Energy Coach, Business Entrepreneur, Financial Educator, Public Speaker and Motivator, Leader of Network Marketing, the list goes on for this adept spirit of a woman.

South Korea born Aurélie aged four was adopted with her brother by an affluent French couple and introduced to a new west life. Growing up as an ace in academics and other sports and leisure activities she couldn’t thank her stars for more. She started her career as a classical music coach traveling with students for festivals around the globe. There was a major jolt in her life when she lost her husband and had to keep her career in the back burner to bring up her children. Her extreme financial condition which was going southwards pushed her to enter into a new entrepreneurial journey with the sole aim of reaching the heights of success to cushion her children’s future.

Aurélie was truly inspired by Robert Kiyosaki’s ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ and ‘the Enterprise of the 21st Century’ and also driven by thought provoking inspiration by brilliant minds like Napoleon Hill, Kevin Trudeau, Bob Proctor, Tony Robbins, Warren Buffet and Elon Musk, which made her choose Network marketing as a career to build herself a secure financial tomorrow. She proudly claims to have had the sixth sense of knowing the demand of forex and crypto currency education well ahead of time. Presently leading her strong team of network marketing business professionals spread across Europe and all parts of the globe, she aims at entering unmanned territories and take her profession to dizzying heights of success. With her strong community of leaders whom she coaches and motivates through regular video conferences, she is focussed on ferrying all towards financial freedom through her network marketing programs and innovative methods.

When asked about her goals she says “My ultimate dream is to reach millions of lives through my program and make a huge impact in their financial earnings”. As a parting shot she says : I believe in Robert Kiyosaki’s quote : « The richest people in the world look for and build networks while everyone else looks for work”.

To get acquainted with Aurelie you can visit her website or Instagram/ @aureliemoron

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