Benjamin Herzog – The ultimate fire that our dream requires

Benjamin Herzog – The ultimate fire that our dream requires

“If only the youth knew and the experience could”
Breaking this classic belief we have with us Benjamin Herzog.

Benjamin Herzog is a name one can definitely not skip when it comes to young entrepreneurs in Austria.
Benjamin was born on 13 August 1997 in Klagenfurt, where he did spent most of his childhood.

Herzog the son of Wilhelmina Herzog and George Maurer is
one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Europe. Benjamin Herzog was named amongst the youngest successful entrepreneurs under 25 in Austria.

After High School, Benjamin Herzog travelled to Sydney, where he studied Graphic Design for around half a year, shortly he joined some well-known startups like the foundation of the Tea Time, where he gained his first experience in entrepreneurship.

After that there has been no looking back for Herzog.
In January 2018, Benjamin Herzog invested in Avintex GmbH, His second major project with Payments Solution started in August 2019. Since the beginning of 2020 Benjamin Herzog operates Herzog Real Estate Ltd. in the metropolitan city of Dubai. There he is to be involved in the purchase and also in the development of the properties.

Benjamin Herzog is also into various other projects.

His prudence and innovative solutions are an inspiration for many young people across the globe.

There’s a lot more to come from this young entrepreneur we believe.
We wish him all the very best while the future awaits bright for this visionary.

Patrick Morrison

Patrick Morrison now he is a staff writer for He is a freelance writer, and he write some fiction story, poems and articles. He studied US Social and Political Studies at University College MCE and then completed a MA in Broadcast Journalism at City University. He previously worked at Erie Times News.

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