Buds 2, Watch Pro 2, and CMF Phone 1 with a Rotating dial are Coming soon from CMF By Nothing

  • 12-June-2024

The debut of CMF Phone 1, the first smartphone under the Nothing sub-brand from London, is confirmed. A fresh teaser trailer for the CMF Phone 1 has been created, showcasing its distinctive revolving dial, even though the device's introduction was officially announced last week by Carl Pei's consumer electronics company. Alongside the CMF Phone 1, CMF By Nothing is expected to release a smartwatch and a new set of headphones, according to the official video that was released by the firm.

In the teaser video, the matte black back panel of the CMF Phone 1 is displayed. Probably identical to the Nothing Phone 2a, the CMF Phone 1 will have a MediaTek Dimensity 7300 SoC.

With a dial that seems similar to its predecessor's, the second product seen in the teaser video on X, formerly Twitter, looks to be the alleged CMF Buds 2. Presumably the CMF Watch Pro 2, featuring a distinctive revolving dial, is the third gadget seen in the teaser. The smartwatch's appearance can reportedly be customized by users, with the possibility of a removable dial.

On X, CMF By Nothing wrote, "Reinventing the wheel."

It is expected that the CMF Phone 1 would go on sale for Rs 19,999, making it an inexpensive smartphone. The gadget will be on sale at Flipkart, an online retailer. Its MediaTek Dimensity 7300 SoC and 33W rapid wired charging capability are confirmed for launch. It's possible that the gadget has Nothing's recognizable Glyph back interface.

Recently, the business shared a picture of the smartphone's design on X. The phone appears to have a bright orange color, which matches the color of other CMF products like the GAN charger and CMF Buds, according to the image. Today, June 12, there has been a hint of a matte black color. More colors of the gadget should be revealed soon.

Budget-friendly goods are the main focus of CMF, a sub-brand of Nothing. Notably, it has only launched accessories up till now, such as a charger, smartwatch, and TWS earphones.

The CMF Phone 1's back had a special screw that was revealed in an earlier teaser for Nothing, which is supposed to be essential to a feature called "Nothing Lock." It's said that this mechanism allows users to attach lanyards and support brackets, among other distinct accessories, to a device's specific connector. The gadget will be reasonably priced, according to many leaks.

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