VREMT’s Integrated Scenario-Based Energy Solutions Impress SNEC Energy Storage Conference & Exhibition 2023

The 8th International Energy Storage Technology, Equipment, and Application Conference & Exhibition (SNEC International Energy Storage Conference & Exhibition) for 2023 wrapped up from November 1st to 3rd in Shanghai.

  • Technology
  • 15-November-2023

Grand Patio Achieves Significant Results in Comprehensive Digital Transformation

Grand Patio, established in 1999, is an outdoor furniture company that integrates research and development, production, and sales.

  • Technology
  • 15-October-2023

Gutian's International Perspective: Buddhist Cultural Exchanges and Mutual Learning between Civilizations

September 25-27, 2023 Beijing Time, the Forum on Master Yuanying and the Sinicization of Religion with the theme of "wisdom mutual learning · harmony and integration" successfully held in Gutian China .

  • Technology
  • 26-September-2023

Hamzeh Najafimehr, an Iranian inventor, won a gold medal in the World and Specialized Inventions Competition in Poland (2023). His invention is a "signature machine"

International and Specialized Exhibition of Polish Inventions (IWIS) is held at Warsaw Polytechnic University and under the direct supervision of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Poland and with the support of the World Federation of Inventors, scientific and research organizations and centers related to inventors and ministries of science , education and research in more than 25 countries, including France, Germany, Romania, Russia, Croatia, Malaysia, Hungary, Portugal, Holland, Spain, South Korea, Taiwan, etc. annually.

  • Business
  • 20-September-2023

BlackRock plans to acquire Voyager Digital deepening its layout in the encryption field

According to industry insiders. in the past month, BlackRock has completed the first round of due diligence on Voyager Digital, an encryption platform that has filed for bankruptcy. The two parties are in negotiations regarding the current sale of the assets and shares of the bankrupt entity and have reached a preliminary acquisition intent.

  • Business
  • 08-September-2023

“I Feel Proud Because I Made A Decision, And I Took A Risk!” CEO Bit Bod Barbod Massoumi Is An Inspiration For The Passionate Ones Willing To Take Risks

From literally worth nothing to being sold at $80000 per coin, Bitcoin surprised the world with its growing market. It not only influenced many investors but also helped them make a fortune overnight. Among many pioneers of this industry, one young man from Iran, Barbod Massoumi, took the world of crypto by storm with his incredible strategy and understanding of the market.

  • Business
  • 05-September-2023

Anqiu City of Shandong: Eying Foreign Dining Tables to Expand the Market

Recently, in the processing workshop of Anqiu Aoyuan Food Co., Ltd., workers were peeling, cutting and packing onions after processing, presenting quite a busy scene.

  • Business
  • 28-August-2023

Anqiu City of Shandong: Doing a Good Job of Integrating Hand-made Skills with Traditional Industries

At the silk flower processing workshop of Pengwang Handicraft Co., Ltd. in Anqiu City of Shandong, workers were up to their ears, using their skillful hands to pick up scattered petals. After procedures of splicing, pasting and dyeing, colorful artificial flowers were ready to go in a moment.

  • Business
  • 28-August-2023

From Legal Luminary to Humanitarian Leader: The Journey of Pavlo Barbul

Pavlo Barbul, Ukrainian human rights activist, politician, public figure, former director of the state-owned company Spetstechnoexport.

  • Business
  • 26-August-2023

Harnessing Blockchain Technology: GameFi Market Thrives with Innovation, FlappyMoonbird Project Shines with Potential

In recent years, the concept of blockchain-powered games that offer players the opportunity to earn money while playing has gained tremendous popularity.

  • Technology
  • 25-August-2023