ISRO's PSLV-C58 will carry a nanosatellite from THIS Indian space startup in addition to XPoSat

Launching its LEAP-TD mission, Dhruva Space, a major player in India's private aerospace technology startup scene, marked a historic beginning to 2024. This mission, which will be carried out atop the PSLV-C58 rocket of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), promises to revolutionise nanosatellite technology and open up new vistas for space exploration.

  • science
  • 01-January-2024

SpaceX Launches A 232-Foot Moon Rocket To Finish 2023

As usual, SpaceX is testing its Starship rockets in Texas after finishing a record-breaking 96 space missions late last night. The engines of SpaceX's Starship rocket system have been fired up, making Friday a busy day at the company's Boca Chica, Texas, facilities. The world's largest rocket, Starship, is scheduled to make its third orbital test flight by the end of 2023. There's a good chance that this test will mark the first time that Starship tries to launch a payload into space.

  • science
  • 30-December-2023

Secret US spacecraft is launched into orbit by SpaceX

On Thursday night, SpaceX launched a stealthy spacecraft for the US Space Force from Florida using its potent Falcon Heavy rocket. This was the first time the rocket had been used to launch an experimental spacecraft produced by Boeing Co. into orbit.

  • science
  • 29-December-2023

In order to increase semiconductor yield and production capacity, Samsung is developing a "smart sensor system"

Samsung Electronics is developing a "smart sensor system" to regulate and oversee semiconductor processes, according to ETNews. Productivity gains and an increase in semiconductor yield are anticipated from this system. Real-time monitoring and analysis of the production process is the aim of the smart sensor system. It has the ability to identify potential problems and offer fixes to raise output and yield. Samsung intends to progressively broaden the scope of smart sensor development and applications.

  • science
  • 26-December-2023

China Launches Four Meteorological Satellites to Support Space Program

China has launched four new meteorological satellites successfully, which is a noteworthy accomplishment in space exploration. Launched from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in northwest China, the mission represents a significant advancement in the country's capacity for meteorological research and space technology.

  • science
  • 26-December-2023

A test version of the tourist space capsule is displayed by Space Perspective

You might question whether someone who says they want to take tourists to the edge of space via balloon will ever move past the ideation stage. But Space Perspective has overcome it by creating a real-world prototype of its Neptune spacecraft.

  • science
  • 23-December-2023

NASA: Some Ice-Rife Exoplanets Could Have Geysers and Habitable Oceans

A NASA study suggests that 17 exoplanets—worlds outside of our solar system—may have liquid water oceans beneath their icy shells, which would further the search for extraterrestrial life. Sometimes, as geysers, water from these oceans could burst through the ice crust. For the first time, estimates of the amount of geyser activity on these exoplanets were determined by the scientific team. They found two exoplanets that were close enough for telescopes to detect evidence of these eruptions.

  • science
  • 14-December-2023

In 2024, Starfield will get city maps, new transit options, FSR 3, and other features

Since the RPG's September release, Bethesda has been steadily releasing updates for Starfield; however, these have primarily consisted of bug fixes and minor tweaks. The Xbox game has already received its final update for 2023, but the studio has now revealed what it is working on to release in 2024.

  • science
  • 13-December-2023

Predicting the Future: IBM and NASA Collaborate on AI for Weather

Artificial intelligence is becoming more and more commonplace, with applications in many different industries. AI is being used by numerous businesses to improve the overall effectiveness and quality of their goods and services. Although there are good things about this trend, there are also some worries.

  • science
  • 30-November-2023

SpaceX Aims for Monday Night Launch of Falcon 9 Rocket for Starlink Satellite Mission

SpaceX is focusing on Monday for the most recent send off window in a progression of late-night rocket takeoffs to extend its consistently developing Starlink rapid web satellite heavenly body.

  • science
  • 26-November-2023