Cops reveal Kerala 'black magic' case: 56 pieces were cut from one body

  • 12-October-2022

The police revealed gruesome details of the crime on Wednesday, a day after the alleged human sacrifice case in Kerala was unearthed, including that one victim was cut into 56 pieces. In a press conference, Kochi commissioner CH Nagraju stated that the main accused, Shafi, has a criminal history and has trapped the couple, Bhagaval Singh and his wife Laila, who made these sacrifices for money. The commissioner described Shafi as a psychopath and stated that it will be investigated how he persuaded the couple. The couple, on the other hand, have no criminal history, according to police.

The victims were brutally murdered, according to the commissioner, and their body parts were scattered throughout the compound of Bhagwal Singh's house. According to the commissioner, the victims were also injured in their private parts, and Shafi took sadistic pleasure in torturing them.

Laila, one of the accused, admitted that they (the three of them) ate a portion of the victims' body parts after they were cooked. "It is possible that the accused ate body parts after killing the victims. It is being investigated but has not yet been confirmed. Shafi, the prime accused, is a pervert. We're looking into whether there are any more suspects, and if so, how many of them there are "said the commissioner.

The three defendants appeared in court and were remanded in judicial custody for two weeks.

The shocking incident was reported on Tuesday, while police were investigating a missing person complaint. Following leads, police discovered that occult practitioner Mohammad Shafi brainwashed a couple into performing human sacrifice in exchange for wealth. The missing person was their second victim, with the first being a woman killed in June.

Shafi, the main accused, is a seasoned criminal who is facing eight charges at various police stations. His criminal record includes rape, trespassing, a drunken brawl, and cheating. According to police, he changed his address every year to fool the cops and mostly stayed in camps. His weapon of deception was social media, and in this case, he advertised on social media and then in local dailies that he could perform some rituals to attract wealth and prosperity.

The couple contacted him and paid 1.50 lakh for the 'rituals' that included human sacrifice. The couple noticed no financial improvement after the first sacrifice in June and went to Shafi, who persuaded them to perform the second sacrifice.

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