On Twitter, Elon Musk claims that Apple has "fully resumed" advertising

  • 05-December-2022

Elon Musk claims that Apple has "fully resumed" Twitter advertising. The very rich person offered the remark during a Twitter Spaces discussion he broadcast from his confidential plane on Saturday night. Musk made the claim that Apple had "mostly stopped advertising on Twitter" on November 28 and threatened to remove the iOS client for the platform from the App Store. Are they opposed to free speech? Musk posed the question to his followers and then emphasized the censorship angle.

Apple temporarily stopped advertising on Twitter following the shooting at Club Q on November 19 in Colorado Springs. According to the publication, brands typically reduce the number of times they advertise on Twitter in response to incidents like shootings and disasters. This is primarily due to the fact that brands don't want their products to appear alongside tweets about human tragedies.

Musk claimed to have met with Tim Cook two days after blasting Apple. “We resolved the misunderstanding about Twitter potentially being removed from the App Store,” he wrote. “Tim was clear that Apple never considered doing so.” On Saturday, Musk added Apple was the largest advertiser on Twitter. That same day, he thanked advertisers “for returning to Twitter.”

In a separate report, Platformer's Zo Schiffer stated on Saturday that Amazon also intended to resume Twitter advertising.“pending some security tweaks to the company’s ads platform,” the retail giant is said to have committed to spending approximately $100 million annually.

The return of Apple and Amazon to Twitter comes amid ongoing reports that the advertising revenue of the company has significantly decreased since Musk's takeover at the end of October. The business only generated about 20% of the anticipated ad revenue during the first week of the World Cup in Qatar. The company's internal revenue projections for the final three months of the year have been repeatedly lowered in recent weeks. Initially, Twitter reportedly anticipated earning approximately $1.4 billion in Q4, but that number has since been reduced to $1.1 billion. Musk previously warned employees that bankruptcy was "not out of the question" and that the company was in dire financial straits.

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