How Nicola Napolitano Became An Expert In Digital E-commerce

How Nicola Napolitano Became An Expert In Digital E-commerce

Who is Nicola?

Nicola Napolitano is an experienced online e-commerce entrepreneur. He was born in Vulture, a city in Basilicata. His story is truly an incredible one of how he rose to fame in the digital e-commerce space. After working in the fashion industry, Nicola began his Instagram path as a photo model and Influencer. He created a clothing brand and later on created accessories like futuristic glasses made from scratch, which sold out.

But the big question is, how has Nicola Napolitano managed to scale and grow his e-commerce business? How did he manage to successfully create and run a business that he always dreamed about?

  • Persistence

Do you want to be a master in anything? Or any field? Persistence is the name of the game. Persistence is continuing in the course of action despite opposition and difficulty. That’s why, even when things got tough, Nicola got tougher and persisted. For instance, in 2020, Nicola decided to go full blast by announcing the real him. He opened various e-commerce dropshipping stores online but failed many times. Though demoralized, he decided to try again, test, and study from the world’s top to accomplish his dreams.

Persistence will self improve you. It will help you make progress even when you don’t feel like it. Persistence allows you to keep taking action, even when you are down and not motivated. This trait is what made Nicola consistently generate results.

  • Passion 

For anyone to succeed in any business, they must have passion for what they do. Passion will make you become dedicated to making your business work, no matter how hard the process may be. Besides, having passion will keep you learning and can help you differentiate between success and failure.

Additionally, having a passion for numbers is even more advantageous. In everything Nicola does, he accompanies it with actual numbers. He also gets passionate about everything related to the online presence of public figures and social media marketing. He then goes behind the scenes, managing many influencers with millions of followers. And when Nicola does these actions, companies begin to notice and start collaborating with him by managing the background of all the social networks remarkably.

  • The Push To Keep Trying

Nicola never gives up. He is always making a push towards success. And this habit of still trying helped him reach 200k in profit in March of 2020 with just one e-commerce store. Nothing stops him anymore. 

  • Consultancy & Mentorship

Successful consultancy and mentorship are significant. They highlight Nicola’s talent in creating infallible strategies for any e-commerce store, mostly digital products. Today Nicola Napolitano is a consultant and expert in digital e-commerce whose success is an inspiration to others. His students reach 7-figure profits in the e-commerce space with his help. For more information on scaling in the digital e-commerce space, you can connect with Nicola here.

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