Innate passion, hard work, with a humble mindset, helped Syed Irfanuddin rise as an entrepreneur.

  • 28-November-2020

Syed Irfanuddin has emerged as a top entrepreneur with his firms, WIIZ Realtors LLP, WIIZ LED, WIIZ Health Tech, doing phenomenally well.

Becoming a successful entrepreneur requires innate passion, determination, and rigorous hard work. Many believe that if a person is born with a silver spoon and gifted the business via the means of nepotism, then they have it easy and are not capable of running the business. Breaking this belief is a man from Hyderabad, who worked relentlessly hard and carved out his own unique success story to take over the reign of his father’s business empire, he is Syed Irfanuddin.

Syed Irfanuddin is an intelligent businessman, hailing from Hyderabad, India, who has attained terrific success as an entrepreneur due to his humility and passion. He is the founder of a group of companies, WIIZ, which caters to the needs of the modern-day world. His father, Syed Hameeduddin, established the renowned RR Group of Companies, which includes manufacturing spices, kitchen products and works into realty and development. Despite being born to a super-successful entrepreneur, Syed Irfanuddin didn’t take that for granted. He had witnessed his father’s rise to the top; from repairing punctured tires near the Charminar to working hard day and night for a tobacco business, to owning a group of companies. Although Syed didn’t struggle in his life, he had seen his father’s struggle, and that made him humble, right from his childhood.

He is devoted to learning the basics and nitty-gritty of the business. He made the most of his privileges and dug deep into the workings of an entrepreneur. For him, his father has always been his idol, but he has also strived to reach the top with his developed ideas.

After much hard work, Syed Irfanuddin began WIIZ, which is an acronym formed by the first letters of him and his brothers, Waqar, Imran, Irfan, and Zeeshan. He extensively researched in various markets and launched WIIZ Realtors LLP – a real estate firm, WIIZ Health Tech – a firm that handles all technical, mechanical, and surgical equipments in the healthcare sector, WIIZ LED which focuses on electrical accessories and LED fittings.

Syed Irfanuddin's humble nature was on display even during the pandemic, where he and his brothers provided doorstep delivery of daily cooked meals, monthly ration kits, free oxygen cylinders for COVID patients, etc. Not only has he achieved phenomenal success as an entrepreneur, but he has also upped the philanthropy work, inspiring other entrepreneurs to follow suit.

Syed Irfanuddin provided immunity-boosting medicines to those in need, COVID tests for his staff, all under his father’s RR Charitable Trust. Syed Irfanuddin says that his father taught him to value human beings over profits, and that is one of the reasons for his rise to the top as an astute entrepreneur.

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