King Kicks unveils brand new collection of sneakers to bring in the new year

King Kicks unveils brand new collection of sneakers to bring in the new year

The market for authentic shoe retailers is a highly competitive one. It is becoming increasingly difficult for an online store to stand out and present itself as a legitimate and profitable business. Famous online brand King Kicks is one of the rare retailers who checks all the boxes. They have recently launched a whole new range of products.

Given the recent fall in stocks and dip in people’s spending budgets, everyone wants to shop at a trustworthy store, especially when it comes to high-end shoes, which are a long-term investment. King Kicks works on a consignment basis with independent sellers, and all their products come with a seal of authenticity. The brand’s key manager Belal Shaher Khaled Alzaben mentions, “In the USA and Gulf regions, we are one of the largest brands to sell authentic luxury shoes from Yeezy, and are determined to provide fulfillment in a safe and timely manner.”

Their website boasts a collection of shoes from luxury brands, including Off-White, Adidas, Air Jordan, Yeezy, and Nike. King Kicks has recently launched an array of stunning shoes in a variety of colors. Their statement pieces include Jordan 1 Retro High Tie Dye, Jordan 5 Retro Alternate Bel-Air, Yeezy Boost range in brown, black and more. The site has variants available in terms of lace guard, sole pattern, heel tab, colors, and padding.

With influencers and celebrities like Hatan Bahbri, Akon, DJ Aseel, and MoVlogs regularly rocking these pairs, it is no wonder that the pieces are quickly running out of stock on their website. They also offer free worldwide shipping on their entire website, and they accept payments in different forms along with an in-built currency exchanger on their website.

With the new collection and regular restocks, people can ask queries, place orders, and leave messages to their customer service department through their social media pages, websites, or app. Through their warehouses in the USA, Singapore, Malaysia, and Taiwan, King Kicks sells one-of-a-kind shoes to people worldwide. King Kicks has almost 500K followers on Instagram, where they engage with customers, ask for honest reviews, and receive feedback from hundreds of satisfied customers every day.

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