Learn How Stephanie Caballero-Martin Braves Life As A Mompreneur

  • 04-June-2021

The daunting tasks of being a mother in these present times can be very demanding. Many women try to balance their work-life and family, and these responsibilities are pretty overwhelming when handled simultaneously. 

Whether it involves owning a private business or working in an office environment, women sacrifice a lot to keep these aspects of their lives functioning well.

Stephanie Caballero-Martin is one of the mompreneurs out there that is doing a great job of handling her business ventures and keeping her home at the same time. She is the founder and owner of Tranquil stores, a health store that sells products that help to ease the pain and discomfort of menstrual symptoms. 

Her brand is dedicated to assisting women in living a better life without being limited by the pains, cramps, back pains, and headaches that accompany their menstruation periods. 

Handling Motherhood and Business

Stephanie is thriving with her responsibilities of being a good mother and running her business. She dedicates herself to these duties because she can relate to the problems that many women are facing these days. 

For a lot of women, it seems complicated to be active in carrying out these roles effectively when there are sensations that limit their productivity.

To Stephanie, being a mompreneur is a blessing because she can spend quality time doing two things that she loves at once. 

I am very blessed to call myself a mompreneur because I am able to spend time with our son at home as opposed to being away in an office. But I did not think so in the beginning, and I am balancing being a wife, a mom, and an entrepreneur. I am managing certain aspects of my business and still finding time for myself. Although the responsibilities are challenging, I am glad about my decisions and would not change it for the world,” Stephanie says.

So far, the mompreneur has devised effective ways of avoiding the stress and overcoming the burnouts that come with handling these responsibilities. Stephanie realizes that stressing over issues will make it worse than providing solutions to them. 

Stress is an inevitable part of everyone’s life. I often ask myself if these issues are really worth stressing over. To beat the stress, I take breaks when needed, which helps me refocus on my business. I have come to realize that a lot of things that we stress over are not really worth the stress. So I take a deep breath, communicate very well, and share the responsibilities when I need to. This has helped me tremendously,” Stephanie says.
According to her, it is impossible not to burn yourself out these days. But as a mompreneur, one must be smart in balancing these responsibilities. If she is experiencing difficulties, she puts away her laptop or mobile devices and spends time with her family. Coupled with this, Stephanie adopts a “3R” technique. That is, Relax, Renew and Restore. She has used this method to scale through any burnout session she faces and as she continues to stay productive.

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