Making the best out of the provided opportunity has yielded great success to WeIN – online clothing portal

Making the best out of the provided opportunity has yielded great success to WeIN – online clothing portal

With initiatives like Make in India and Vocal for Local, the upcoming fashion platform – WeIN wishes to contribute to the development of New India.

Online shopping is a phenomenon that the world has accustomed to. This was an opportunity for some who started selling their products online. To be a successful entrepreneur one needs to take the opportunity and make the most out of it. Just like online shopping has seeped in Indian consumers’ dealings, there is a massive opportunity for Indian entrepreneurs to create products that can build a brand and enjoy sustainable development. With the Government of India’s pro-domestic products stance and an anti-China sentiment prevailing in the most regular customers, there is an opportunity that is waiting to get explored. With the government encouraging Indian made goods and services, it has begun some amazing initiatives like “Vocal for Local” and “Make in India”. These campaigns have created an opportunity for many entrepreneurs so that they can earn well and the consumers can get good quality Indian products which will eventually boost the economy and welfare of the country. Ready to pounce on this newly created opportunity is WeIN, an online fashion store. 

WeIN is an alternative version of China’s SHEIN and is 100% Indian made. WeIN’s target audience is the 16-24 age group in women, but also provides brilliant clothing solutions to both men and women of all ages and sizes. Its sizes range from XS to XXL as it also provides plus-sized clothes and has a dedicated section called “PLUS FOR US – embrace your curves”.  

WeIN will provide high-quality goods with innovative styles at affordable rates. Yes, WeIN believes that its product should reach each class of the society and everyone can have something to buy from the online portal. By importing goods, the country’s financial muscle gets depleted and it charges high duty on those goods which eventually results in consumers paying it. 

With 100% of Indian made clothes, WeIN will be able to offer clothing and apparel at a very affordable rate. The company’s motto is making India independent of affordable fashion and enhancing employment opportunities, thereby contributing to the development of the country.

WeIN is targeting a mid-August launch and has already developed a respectable following on its social media pages. This ability to sniff out an opportunity and then to make the best out of it has intrigued a lot of people and WeIn is surely going to a successful business venture.

David Hammond is a news writer of News Head Line. He was formerly the supervising Anchor on the  Business show Stossel. then he got his started at News Head Line News. David investigative reporting has been featured on He is also the Author of Stories. He has a B.A. from the College of William and he lives in US.

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