Netflix's Next Property Show, Buying London, has a Release Date and Time

  • 21-May-2024

Date & Time of the London Release: Netflix is renowned for creating series and shows in a variety of genres, including drama, comedy, horror, animation, and docuseries. Additionally, a new show on Netflix is making waves in the community.

The program centers on the DDRE Global team of agents as they tackle the market for luxury real estate in London. For those who are unaware, DDRE Global is a well-known real estate company that specializes in luxurious homes in London. Propfluencer entrepreneur Daniel Daggers leads the team, which consists of content producers, interior designers, and real estate brokers. It should be noted that Lauren Christy, Reme Nicole, Oliver Hamilton, Rosi Walden, and Rasa Bagdonaviciute are on Daniel's squad.

Acquiring London Publication Date & Time

Fans are eager for Buying London to be released, even though the trailer left them wanting more. Note that Netflix's Buying London is scheduled to debut on May 22, 2024, at approximately 1:30 PM IST. Do you look forward to it?

Curiously, the official blurb for the show read, "In this brand-new Netflix series, Buying London, real estate tycoon Daniel Daggers and his aspirational team of agents at DDRE Global take on and challenge London's luxury property market." From the affluent streets of Mayfair to the exclusive enclaves of Holland Park, the talented team set out to conquer the super prime high-end real estate market. We follow the group as they navigate the complexities of their personal lives while also attempting to make their mark in the glitzy world of luxury real estate."

Daniel Daggers told THR in an interview about Buying London, "You should expect to see gorgeous homes and people with a lot of character and personality." "I adore that the world's greatest metropolis can now be seen on a large screen." Plenty of entertainment is available.

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