Newest Artist Sway2Timez Signs to Uboys The Label

Newest Artist Sway2Timez Signs to Uboys The Label

American rapper Sway2Timez becomes the latest artist to join Uboys The Label, a reputable recording label in Charlotte, North Carolina. The trap artist, who is best known for his Limitless mixtape has been very active this year by releasing a lot of singles. With more work still in progress, the future looks bright for the talented singer and songwriter.

All of his previous works were released by his own record label,  Trench Baby Worldwide.  Limitless is his most successful project and contains motivational songs that are lyrically strong, accompanied by smooth beats. The record features a total of 16 songs, including popular trap songs such as Energy, Had to Die, 80’s, My Feelings, and so much more.

Following his debut record’s success, the artist released yet another Limitless 1.0 project that boasts of 15 songs.


Some of his songs feature other renowned artists. For instance, Sway2Timez  worked with Swift Dee in the song Damages, AstonMartenPhi in Passion, and Flexico in Thuglife, just to mention a few. He also featured in Street Money Boochie’s song Camouflage Don. Sway2Timez says he adores fellow rapper Young Thug, and it is his dream to do a collabo with him.


Sway2Timez is originally from Cordele, Georgia, and was drawn towards music at an early age. Growing up, he listened to many hip-hop and RnB genres that still influence his music today. His songs have a rhythmic feel to it.

The rapper says his passion and dedication to the music industry drive him to release more music. He urges other young people to stay focused. “Keep working; Don’t spend too much time on negative thoughts. Try to stay away from people who put you down, and you’ll see success sooner than later.”

His most recent move to Uboys The Label keeps fans anticipating what else he has in store. He has had a successful music career with more than 4 mixtapes under his name, and it seems there is no stopping him. All of Sway2Timez music is available for streaming and download in all music platforms, including Apple Music and Spotify.

Fans who wish to get all the latest updates from Sway2Timez can follow him on his Instagram page.

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