Piaget has a Dragon and Phoenix Capsule Collection in anticipation of Lunar New Year

  • 28-November-2023

Be that as it may, this doesn't stop the watch business and, as the Asian market keeps on filling in significance for brands, increasingly more consideration is pampered on the Lunar New Year.

What's more, with few exemptions, these generally restricted release watches are lapped up by excited gatherers.

One brand that gives specific consideration to Asia's greatest festival of the year is Piaget.

In 2012, the house invited in the Extended period of the Winged serpent with a whole case assortment of watches.

Piaget Mythical serpent and Phoenix observes

Presently, as the 12-year cycle starts once more, Piaget is restoring the soul of trying inventiveness, striking refinement, and unforeseen excellence with one more exceptional Lunar New Year Case Assortment devoted to the energies of the Winged serpent and the Phoenix.

Representing power, strength, and flourishing, the Mythical beast holds an exceptional spot in Chinese zodiac imagery.

Piaget's 2012 Lunar New Year assortment highlighted 24 references, including high watchmaking intricacies, metiers d'art watches, and high gems secret watches.

Each resulting year saw the arrival of fastidiously created watches giving proper respect to the applicable zodiac sign.

As the new 12-year cycle unfurls, the brand presents another staggering assortment regarding both the Mythical serpent and Phoenix - images of manliness and gentility, strength, power, trust, resurrection, amicability, and equilibrium.

The Mythical serpent exemplifies "yang", while the Phoenix addresses "yin", together framing an agreeable association that lays out harmony.

This heavenly pair remains as a persevering through image of adoration, with their association embodying a definitive articulation of conjugal euphoria.

The assortment involves 10 extraordinary watches and high adornments pieces, including select specially made sleeve watches, each mirroring Piaget's codes and celebrating unrivaled craftsmanship and watchmaking abilities.

Representing power, strength, and thriving, the Mythical serpent becomes the dominant focal point in two 38mm Altiplano Zodiac references, highlighting perplexing cloisonné plating by Anita Porchet.

The blue Mythical serpent and the Phoenix, portrayed in red, pink, and orange shades, are rejuvenated with gold etching, adding profundity and dimensionality.

These watches, restricted to 38 pieces every, exhibit a cutting edge and dynamic articulation of the Lunar New Year.

The case assortment likewise incorporates four new high gems watches. The 41mm Altiplano High Gems Mythical serpent watch, restricted to eight numbered versions, flaunts fine paillonné veneer work supplementing a gold-engraved Mythical serpent with red lacquered eyes.

The Mythical beast theme go on onto a Piaget Emperador watch, including a flying tourbillon and a dazzling gold-engraved Winged serpent twisting around the case.

For a female understanding, two Phoenix High Gems watches include marquise and splendid cut jewels on a 32mm watch with lopsided themes, restricted to eight pieces each.

Furthermore, a 4-carat pad cut Mozambique ruby is the feature of a strong seal ring, joined by a stunning Winged serpent pin circling yellow sapphire, spessartite and spinel stones.

Interestingly, the case assortment incorporates high adornments manifestations: an extraordinary Mythical beast ornament and ring, and two Phoenix ear-sleeves.

Repeating the Phoenix gems watches, the sleeves come in jewel and rose gold or ruby and white gold, exhibiting marquise, pear, and splendid cut precious stones.

The assortment comes full circle with two specially made high gems sleeve watches - a Winged serpent sleeve bordered in onyx and a Phoenix sleeve hung with pink rubies, sapphires, and spinels. The two sleeves are one of a kind, permitting clients to modify gets done and stones.

Overflowing with energy, feeling, and a sprinkle of fun loving disrespectfulness, Piaget's Mythical beast and Phoenix Lunar New Year Case Assortment proclaims an interesting new pattern of the Chinese Zodiac, displaying a maison dominating its home codes to push the limits of imagination and trying.

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