Quick Tips to Social Media Growth By Steve "Capo" Newland

  • 24-May-2020

Social Media Guru Steve "Capo" Newland stopped by to share his quick tips to being successful in growing on social media. He has been a rising star in the marketing world, and has a who's who client roster of celebrity musicians, actors, and models, who all take his words and advice to heart. Some quick tips to growing your profile according to Steve are simple and logical. Number 1 is, (Know you Audience) - understanding who you want to attract to your page is the most important as anything.

Posting content that isn't pleasing to your intended audience, will do nothing for you. Number 2 is (Less is More) - Sometimes, users get "upload happy" and can flood their timelines with less then quality content. The biggest pet peeve Steve has, is users with over 500 total posts on their Instagram pages. It just becomes too much to consume and makes it hard for a new potential follower to understand what the person has to offer a new follower.

When it comes to IG, less is more, so your potential followers will better understand what you bring to their visual pleasure, entertainment, or needs of the user. Number 3 is, (Being Consistent) - Nobody wants to follow an account that isn't consistent or active with their content. Going 3,4, or 5 months or more between posts is a virtual do not disturb sign for all new potential followers, and just shows you have no interest in social media which will greatly affect your potential growth.

Be sure to follow Capo at Instagram.com/ChillCapoLV

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