• 02-August-2023

Qunyi Investment (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. (called Qunyi Share for short) was founded in Guangzhou of China in 2003. Its paid-in registered capital is 103 million yuan. Qunyi Share owns industries such as Qunyi Real Estate Development Center, Qunyi Finance and Securities Center, Qunyi Technology Development Center, Qunyi International Purchasing Center, Qunyi International Exhibition Center, and Qunyi Financial Shared Service Center (FSSC). Qunyi Share has more than 60 development projects in nearly 20 cities in China. A well-known British architect says, “Qunyi Investment always thinks about what the future of cities will be like from the forefront of urban development. It is because of this thinking process that it often breaks the routine of the real estate industry so as to present products of its own style.”

Qunyi Share celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. During these two decades, Qunyi Share has never owed money to any enterprise or loans to any bank. Nor has it had a single labor contract dispute. It is a very honest and well-known enterprise with a high market value. Over the years, it has been rated as a Contract-Abiding and Creditworthy Enterprise of Guangdong Province many times by Guangzhou Municipal Administration for Market Regulation.

Qunyi Share has been attaching great importance to the talent strategy and the introduction and training of talents. Besides recruiting a large number of talents from the top 200 universities in the world, it has also established industry-university-research practice bases with many key universities in China that are members of Project 211, Project 985, and the Double First-Class Initiative. Now, it has more than 360 employees, including more than 150 people who have obtained bachelor’s, master’s, and doctor’s degrees as well as 18 overseas students and foreign workers. Our company firmly supports the Scientific Outlook on Development, adheres to the people-oriented principle, highlights sustainable development, spares no effort to improve our business, and puts quality in the first place to build up an international first-class brand.

Qunyi Share is a joint-stock company that takes “honesty, professionalism, and innovation” as the basic core and “benefit the masses” as the starting point. It is founded and managed by professionals with a good knowledge of international and Chinese capital markets and a wealth of experience in finance and business management. It is a pioneer and forerunner in the field of investment in China. By now, it has made great achievements that have built a good reputation among clients. In accordance with the government policies of economic liberalization and financial internationalization, our company has gradually developed into a large-scale investment company with diversified, specialized, and internationalized products in the Asia-Pacific region. It provides a series of investment services (including corporate restructuring and reorganization, private placement/public offering, domestic/cross-border investment, and acquisition, etc.) for enterprises, financial institutions, governments, individuals, and other clients in various fields. Our company has been paying attention to this industry as well as the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain all the time. Based on the abundant, high-quality, continuous, and systematic project resources it possesses, our company is committed to providing clients with financial consulting services on mergers and acquisitions, strategic restructuring, private equity financing, and so on. We have a strategic perspective on mergers and integrations as well as a broad network of resources to support the rapid growth of our corporate clients and help them gain capital support and leading positions in their industries. We own a world-class professional team that can integrate global market resources based on years of professional finance skills and keen insight into markets to create tailor-made solutions for different clients.

The investors and management team of Qunyi Share have received world-class education and professional training, and they have profound expertise and practical experience in the fields of international and domestic finance, capital markets, financial securities, and technology development. With its hands-on experience in many different competitive, cultural, political, economic, and legal markets in Asia, the team of Qunyi Share can provide clients with high-value-added services of international standards.

In the future, Qunyi Share will rely on precise industrial layout, rich project resources, and flexible assets operation to create several industrial groups such as real estate development, financial securities, science and technology development, international purchasing, international exhibition, and national FSSC through the effective linkage of capital and industry. In this way, it will further expand corporate competitiveness and strive to become a highly influential high-quality listed company.

Qunyi Investment (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd.

Add.: 23/F, Shengfeng International Financial Center, No. 988 Middle of Guangzhou Avenue, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, China

Tel.: 0086 (20) 38786099

Website: www.qunyicorp.com

Email: qunyicorp@foxmail.com

WeChat Official Account: Qunyi Share

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